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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Mysterious wall-banging sound.....

I was watching the taiwanese program, alone, that night until 4am as i was preparing for the credit test the next morning for internal medicine. A mysterious banging sound on the wall was heard. I figured why someone's knocking against the wall at 4 in the morning. Was it too loud the volume?

So without thinking, I banged back against the wall. At first i thougt the volume was too loud that Wan Ying was disturbed as her bed is put beside the wall. Then, fine, i turned down the volume and continue my studies and program.

After that, the sound came again, so my reflex was banging the wall again. 4am i went to sleep.

The next night, the sound appeared again, banging the i thought that Wan Ying must be really pissed now coz the intensity of the sound increased.

20/09/2007 10.15pm
To Wan Ying :
"Oi i very noisy meh,why knock wall?"

Then I received the call from Wan Ying after texting her.....

"Hey what were you talking about? I'm not in the room right now, don't frighten me, I'm at Ciou Perng's!!"

Weird, the banging sound I'm sure it's coming from the next door. Strange enough, so i called her to come up and listen.

While waiting for her to come up, i was stunned and sitting in the bed, like a stone watching the program.

Then she came, with the same expression as on phone. "hey are u kidding me, seriously, don't frighten me, i hate people banging the wall!"

"If u don't believe me, u can just sit and listen"

We sat down and waited for a few seconds, and the sound came again "bam bam bam"......

To confirm whether the sound was from he room or not, she asked Chiou Perng to go over to her room and bang against the wall. Yup, it's confirmed that the sound was coming over from her room. And vice versa, i went over to her room and listen whether the sound can be conducted to her room as well. Yup, it could be conducted there.

Weird enough, she told me that maybe there's someone been buried inside the wall facing my room and banged on the wall, in a kidding way of course.

But still the mystery remains unsolved and the sound can still be heard every night.

I hope there's no one being buried inside my wall......Hallelujah

"All-powerful God, pardon all the sins of your unworthy servant. Give me constant faith and power so that, armed with the power of Your holy strength, I can attack this cruel evil spirit in confidence and security..."


Saturday, September 1, 2007


"MeRdEkA.....mErDeKa.....MERdeka", yelled our PM with his quaking and quacking voice when the clock struck at 00:00 31/8/2007.

(Merdeka = Freedom/Independence in Malay)

Well, it's quite disappointing watching it on TV because it wasn't as happening as last year's. I expected fireworks with colorful flames in the sky of KL, but to my disappointment there wasn't any.....Luckily i got the chance to see it in the sky of my city. I enjoyed the moment when the clock struck on 00:00 coz my family and relatives were together in my livingroom and cheered "Merdeka" following the PM, which afterwards when i thought back was kinda funny. HAHA

Anyway, I was kinda busy that day packing my luggages. What frustrated me was no matter how many things i've reduced from the luggage, the weight weighed the same......funny but weird, so i gave it up and the weight stayed at 31kg. That night i didn't sleep for the whole night, for the reason that my mum didn't wash my 3 clothes, so i gotta wash them myself and blew them dry with my sister's hairdryer LOL....It wasn't my mum's fault actually, I shouldn't started packing on last minute, yeah considered that was my fault. But i still feel mad that why did she forget about the clothes to wash HAHA childish me....

That morning I was supposed to arrive at the airport 2 hours before the departure,guess what i arrive 1 hours before departure. All my friends had already checked in their stuff into the aircraft, luckily a new counter was opened when i was queueing up on the long line. That's my lady luck, hee hee. Ok, after that i had to wait for my relatives and my eldest sister to come because they wanted to send me away, you know, like the old tradition saying goodbye and taking pictures bla bla bla....

Then i ran into the customs checking and ran to the gate. When i was about the step into the gate, my brother called me and said "hey bro, mum is taking your jacket" I was thinking like "what the fuck!". So i ran back to them and took it(i was so furious,lol) go through customs checking again. This time the line was even longer, and yet some aunties were trying to overtake my place. I asked them:" where are u going auntie?" She replied:"To Medan" I asked again:"what time is your flight" She replied:"9.05am" I told her:"mine is leaving in 5 minutes,can i go first?".......Of course she had to let me go first!!!!

Then i ran there again like a mad cow,sweaty and panting.....boarded into the aircraft and flew away to Bangkok.

Reached Bangkok after 3 hours' flight. Had a quickie in the toilet with my juniors, then rushed we go to the boarding gate. During the customs checking some of my juniors had problems with the handcarry luggage and had to threw away some stuff. While i was waiting for them i went to a bench, put my jacket on the bench, kept my passports(with old one just in case) in to my backpack. We went to the boarding gate once everyone had passed the customs. It was a long way to the damned gate, luckily there're escalators to save up our energy. Reached the gate after 8 minutes, went into it and sat down to rest. When it's ready to board into the aircraft I realised that my jacket wasn't with me, it's hanging on the bench earlier......Shit! i went out from the boarding gate and walked as fast as i could with my heavy backpack(running would be hideous haha) legs were so exhausted because there's no escalator going the other direction, so i had to walk. Walking took about 13 minutes to reach the bench. I saw 2 Arabians sitting on the bench and i didn't see my jacket. I was so nervous and sad. I approached them and saw one of them leaning on jacket( no wonder i couldn't see it). I asked if that's their's and took it away......Ok another marathon run, 8 minutes to get there, luckily Nantha, Thanam and Sarviss were waiting for me, i felt so happy haha. Sweaty and panting and boarded into the aircraft......

After 9 hours' flight I'm finally in Russia, a place where i have to turn into bookworm.....again another time