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Thursday, December 27, 2007

A joker in the Hygiene class.....

The class started very calmly and everyone was listening to the old lady babbling in front of the class
"I am a serious hygienist..... DIAPER ZONE (?????) of 400 beds in the hospital is 60 to 300 square meter......bla bla bla......чего смеётесь?(What are you laughing at?)......."
Everyone was tired and wondering why should we study Hygiene and medical prophylaxis subject, which is a total crap.

"SERIOUS HYGIENIST" ........hah, yeah right, serious crap!

Well the aforementioned matter wasn't the bottomline of mine writing this blog. I write this blog as a tribute to the NEW JOKER of the day.

The title of the day was "The Nutritional Assessment and Dietary History - its identification and activity"

Everyone was asked to recopy the form and to fill in the blanks. After filling the "personal details" into the blanks, we had to make a conclusion and give recommendation to the "patient".

So the joker wrote like this

The personal data of his.............this was okay, not stupid enough HAHAHA

The deterioration of the sanity of a good student.........

Way to go ------- HYGIENE!!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Sumphero Christmas Concert (After show)

The girl in white is Shariann, the actress of the Day
with Neville, Kok Meng and Me.

Me and Christabelle after the concert.

Front from left : Rose, Vino, Me

Behind from left : Shouzhi, Xiangyun, Junice

Backdrop : The Sumphero (the flaming cross)

Rose with her name, "miraculously"

appearing on the backdrop.

(She did it on purpose, LOL)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!!!

Had a fun christmas concert organised by the christian fellowship of foreign students here in NNSMA. They came out with the name "SUMPHERO" which sounds really cool, but i don't really know what does it mean. Anyways it's NOMB coz im not one of them. Nevertheless i really enjoyed the concert.
Well at first, it was fucking boring. Bored out by the singing performance of a series of songs, like a nonstop medley for about an hour. The singers enjoyed themselves so much on stage, praising their lord, and waiting for the crowd to praise on their "lovely" voices. I could sing better, seriously!! HAHA..... While they were enjoying on stage, people who listened starting to get bored. I fell asleep, oops~ The ear torturing singing section ended about an hour, we were so relieved!
However, the best part of the christmas concert was the sketch casting by :
Soy Yi
Micheal (just to state a few of them)

It was about the God created human(a girl), giving His love,care and happiness to the human. But after the God has left the girl, the devil approached the girl and lead the girl to the wrong path. Sooner later under the influence of the devil, the girl started to possesed with guys,money,drinking,fashion. She was so disappointed upon her doings that she cut herself and attempted to suicide. She took a gun, pointing at her head. She was confused, she hesitated to kill herself, she recalled the God's love to her....Then she started to realise, she should go back to God's side. She tried to run back to the God, but the devil was pulling her back by calling the Desires to stop her from getting back to the God. But the God is pulling her back as well. She tried to run back to the God for a few times but was stopped by the obstacles. She ran but was pushed by her Desires back to the Devil......but she tried really hard and realising the sins that she commited was a big disaster for her, but she never gave up.....she ran and ran and ran.....and then the God came to the rescue, by blocking her away from her Desires. At last, she managed to go back to the God and lived a better life.

Wow.....i wrote a piece of crap but i hope it's understandable......hahaha
But seriously, Shariann which was the girl, was a real actress.......her movements were so graceful. She's one talented actress. My applause for her......*clap clap clap*

After the sketch, the same ol'caroling came on stage and sang....lalalalalalalala
Kinda peaceful when listening to the christmas carols.

Then we had our dinner there in the hall. The curry chicken(Vino's recipe) was finger lickin' good!

But unfortunately the next day, 60% of the people who had had the dinner got serious diarrhoea, which including me......we had the same symptom which was - awaken by the stomach ache from sleep and went into the toilet. At first we had meteorism, which literally means farting. HAHA my junior told me that the fart was smelly (whose fart smells heavenly?)
Then after farting the diarrhoea came.....shooting out from the asshole.....
The toilet has never been so busy in a day before.......HAHAHAHA

Overall, it was a great night to spend boring routine life studying my stupid upcoming exam - The Hygiene

Nothing is more redundant than the subject Hygiene.

My next entry, hopefully, is about Hygiene......Will tell u guys how redundant it is to cause a nightmare for everybody who is studying in NNSMA.