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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Delivery of fetus - Live Show

I don't know whether this is normal or abnormal, but i was truly thrilled during my first live delivery show ever!!!!
Well, we're lucky coz we're allowed to watch the delivery in the delivery room.

So, we were asked to change into our scrubs and change the shoes as well. The teacher asked one of us to follow her to the delivery room to wait for the signal and call us down from the classroom. Nantha was the representative and followed her downstairs.

The rest of us were chit-chatting in the classroom like nobody's business(though there was a class in the next door). All of a sudden, Nantha called me to go down to standby for the show. So, we rushed down to the corridor and waited there. Nantha was there sitting and waiting for us. And we continued our chat....bla bla bla.....Then Nantha went in and waited in front of the delivery room again.

Suddenly the teacher came furiously and asked us why did we come down. We were stunned coz we didn't know what the fuck was wrong with going down and waiting there. Then she rushed into the delivery room, looking at Nantha with the fierce eyes.

"Am I younger or you are younger?", shouted her at Nantha.
*I think she meant that are we the teacher or is she the teacher*

I, in fact all of us didn't know what the hell is going on. She chased us out from the delivery room and asked us to go back to the classroom and Nantha was again waiting outside the door of the delivery room. We thought we had no chance to watch the process of delivery ever again because we made her mad.

So we waited in the class and she came in and started to discuss about the topics. When we were in the middle of discussion, both mine and the teacher's mobiles rang and i answered the call. Nantha asked me to go down to the delivery room again. And the teacher said so too after answering the call.

Phew~ we thought we'd never watched the process of delivery anymore. So we went down to the delivery room, took off our labcoats and wore the masks on. After that we entered the delivery room and saw a lady sitting on the delivery chair/table. She looked fine and the doctor and midwife and nurses were there talking crap.

So we stood aside watching the lady. She was shy at first and asked the doctor why were there so many young doctors. The doctor told her that we're interested in watching the process of delivery and we'll become doctors one day. There's something funny about the lady because prior to the delivery she asked for her mobile phone. The midwife took away and told her "your phone is with me, i'll give you back after your baby is out"
So she was okay with it and then the process of pushing started.

The process of pushing through was the most stunning part. We're all staring at the vagina and watched the baby's head coming out from the vagina. We're under a great shock. I didn't know why we were like that, but it's really a stressful situation. After the first and the 2nd pushings, the mother didn't seem to want to push anymore but the baby's head if half way out the vagina. Meaning that the baby was having the risk of hypoxia and death subsequently.

So there's nothing much to do than pushing the mother's abdomen manually using the force from the hands. Our teacher went up the chair and pushed her abdomen, and she was there shouting "It's painful!" But that's the only way to do it so that the baby lives. The mother wasn't really keen to deliver her baby. So after the head of the baby was out, the doctor asked the mother to just breathe and do nothing.

So here comes the process of delivering the body of the baby. The mother was once again pushing and the doctor was very rough. She pulled the baby's head out, pulled the both arms out from the vagina, rotating the baby to come out. Wow we were speechless and again shocked. We thought that the head of the baby would break!!!

After a few minutes of struggle, finally the baby was delivered. Our teacher inserted the suction cord into the baby's mouth and pushed the tube down and down and down. We were shocked again. Then after a while the baby started crying and turned from blue to pink. We could see the face of the mother was pale and she was exhausted and panting. The doctor cut the umbilical cord and examined the baby, then she passed to the the paediatrician for the further investigations.

After the delivery, blood was oozing out from the mother's vagina, like a fountain. Stunned mouth opened again. Then it's the time to push again, but that's the 3rd stage of delivery - the delivery of the placenta (the organ of fetus which supplies nutrients and oxygen through mother's blood via umbilical cord). The placenta was very quickly delivered. Then the doctor checked for any deformities upon the placenta because if one fragment of the placenta went missing, there must be a serious bleeding of the mother in the uterus. Fortunately the placenta was fine and all parts were delivered out of the uterus.

Then our teacher asked the doctor to tear one part of the placenta out, the blood was shooting out from the placenta. That's why if one fragment of the placenta is missing, it means there's a hemorrhage in the uterus. The mother could die due to this hemorrhage.

After that we said thank you to the doctos, midwives and nurses there and went back to the room. When we reached the classroom, the teacher started to discuss about the process of delivery. She told us that the mother wasn't keen to push the baby out. She didn't give any expression when the baby was shown to her, only a nod on the head. She didn't even come to the obstetrical department throughout the pregnancy. She came only prior to her delivery.

Bad mother? Superstitious belief?
Not sure why.....

Unfortunately the baby was born with a cleft lip. But the teacher told us that there are many cosmetics surgery which can be done to repair the cleft lip without problems in the baby's future life.

We were quiet a bit when we reached the room coz we're still shocked by the whole process.

But one thing for sure is, this is not an everyday-show. So I'm glad that i could see it for my own eyes........IT'S LIVE, MAN!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007