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Sunday, September 28, 2008

A waste of time, a lot more to learn

An AGM of Malaysian Students' Association was held in Biochemical-Physiological Department's lecture hall.

The meeting was held on Sunday morning, 10.45pm when I was still dwelling in my slumberland, playing chess with its citizen. Then suddenly ShouZhi called and asked me if I wanted to go. I told him I was still sleeping and might not be going.

Then slowly, I woke up when my sympathetic nervous system dominated the parasympathetic. After washing up, I texted ShouZhi and asked if the meeting was still on. It was still on after 1.5 hours. But he told me that it's gonna end, and I shouldn't went. So I figured to stop by for a while and go buy some chocolates for exam mental preparation.

When I arrived there, the hall was almost full of students. I peeked into the hall, there's no back path to go up to the place where Shouzhi, Rose, Shuyu and Mianxin sat. So I had to go in front of the huge crowd to go up. For no reason, they applaud. Was kind of happy but embarassed at the same time. Luckily I have a huge wall stuck on my face.

I asked Shouzhi what happened so far and he told me some aggresive individuals blasting at the newly elected President (Mr. FNM) and questioning about his capability. One said that FNM has no experience in dealing with the deans office which, on the contrary, he had alot of experience like some yesteryears presidents. Another was telling that the extra practical which the majority opposed, was useful and fun. He gave the example of 10 signs and symptoms of appendicitis that he learnt in the extra practical while the other who didn't have it, learnt only 3 in the usual classes.
(Come on, I did my practicals here too in the summer and all they let me do were just usual patient clerking, some physical examinations and more observations, it's not like they will allow you to do any procedures, and the nurses are really assholes)

And there was a little girl who suggested that the MSA shouldn't deal for example, Malaysian Night alone. They should INVITE the representatives from other organisations like UMNO, MISA (Malaysian Indian Students Associations, PPIM (don't know what does it stand for but it's for muslims). But Malaysians are Malaysians. There's no racial predilection here in handling the Malaysian Night. If it's called the Malaysian Night for all Malaysians, let the MSA committees do their job. We, on the other hand, perform the tasks, together as a whole we make this event happen. No need to invite this and that people from what club and organisation. We have batch representatives for 1st, ....6th course.

So luckily we have defenders like Ms JD and Mr AM. JD said that she learnt the 10 signs in the usual class too instead of being in the extra practical(which is way wasting time). AM said that there was one day while doing the extra practical, in the 3 hours, the teacher ONLY taught them about bleeding, again, for 3 hours instead of doing the others. AM also emphasized on the matter which once he had to wait for an hour for the teacher to be free, so 1 hour wasted, a few USD notes flew away.

The abovementioned were those that I heard from the 3rd party because I was really late. News travel and alter really fast. Never know who's right and who's wrong.

What I hope is the highest authority will symphatize us and :
1. Decrease the 500USD to a lower price like 200USD.
2. Integrate the extra practical classes into the normal classes.
3. Assign us to an english-speaking qualified teachers.

Majority of the Malaysian students, particularly the private students and the JPA students went against the idea of having extra practicals here. It's not like what we learnt in Russia could be accepted in Malaysia. They might have their own way in terms of practical skills. Also for those who have Russian Language classes on the same day, come to a "2 diverged roads in the white woods(winter ma)" situation. Give up the pracs, a part of the 500USD fly without wings. Give up the Russian class, money would also fly without wings.

So in the end, nothing was really done regarding the extra-pracs, which disappointed most of the students. It's a waste of time for those who were rooting for the MSA to come out with something somewhat useful like "The extra practical is abolished!!" or "They agreed to decrease the price!!".

But one thing kudos to Mr FNM, our president, he said that "We're all Malaysians, so don't say that you're malay or chinese or indian, coz after all, we're Malaysians"

Sigh, we have alot more to learn in dealing with the deans office. Yes, we do not possess the right to question about the highest authority's decision. BUT we demand the justice regarding the insane mega-ultra-super
ridiculous pricey extra practical mumbo-jumbo.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Upon Jatdin's request

You're pretty much the only one who's looking in a different direction. Here is your photo that you asked for. The size of the picture might have been scrolled down if you could not open the picture while clicking on it. Feel free to ask me to send through YM or enthusiastic, if not lazy, come and take from me. TV, you might appeared in the screen *wink wink*


Cross country (Warning : Bytes glutton)

A cross country event was held all over the Russia on the 21st of September at the 12pm.

In Nizhny Novgorod the cross country event was held in the Switzerland Park (Парк Швейцария) which was along the Gagarin Avenue. This park was no longer a stranger to us coz most NNSMA's students went there for jogging, at least for a couple times. I don't know why did they call it Switzerland park but I figured, probably, the park looked like Switzerland in the winter. (Just that it's suckier than Switzerland.)

The aim for organizing this huge event was for World Peace. Perhaps after running the world would be peaceful a little bit.
Anyway, it was 8 degrees Celcius cold in the morning and yet everyone was gathering in the park to :-

1) Get free T-shirts (which according to some people, it's comfortable to wear in bed).

2) Get to be famous on TV.

3) Hit on girls.

But, personally I think that it was good coz anyone who live here may participate in such a huge event. And what more, it's time to work the muscles and joints after all this while hybernating in the room.

So everyone gathered in front of the 5th hostel (when the time I came down) at 11am (I came down at 11.30am coz I overslept). Then we walked altogether to the park which is a few steps away from the our hostels. Once we reached there, there was already a lot people, wearing different colors of T-shirts with numbers on. My number was 686. Some of us were interviewed by correspondants from telecasts. And one channel's correspondant wanted us to yell "Будни отменяются!" in front of the cam. It means "Weekday cancellation!". Didn't know why actually we have to yell that phrase, maybe just wanted us to look stupid. But it was really fun where everyone, if looked stupid, did it together. After all, we're of one great team, ngahahahaha!

I could not help myself from commenting the way they printed the T-shirts on red fabrics while having red printed words. So the words were blended together with the T-shirts. Just compare the orange T-shirts with the red ones. I bet you could not spot the red writings.

Moving on.........
So, the international students (particularly, girls of our academy's foreign students and followed by guys) started the cross country event.

Some were really excited about the event as you can see from the pic below.
Some wanted their images to be captured in cameras.

Some were thinking about getting to the finish line.

Some just wanted to overtake the happy feet.

Some posed pretty while panting hard.

Some protected themselves from molesters.

Some couldn't get a hold of themselves.

So many interesting actions were observed and captured. Oh how I like to join in such an event!

We were supposed to run for a mere 4km, but it felt like just 2.5km of running. I think I could captured more interesting actions if the journey was really long. Therefore everyone managed to cross the finish line without serious injuries or hypoxia.

Our academy's students won the 1st place.

Shaheer was the winner for international male category.

Rahimah was the winner for international female category.
(which one way or another was just limited for our academy's students only)
* didn't take their pictures, though.

After crossing the finish line, everyone was panting hard and some beautiful russian chicks in yellow attire handed over energy drinks and towels for each one of us upon crossing the line and said "That's all, you may stop"

There, everyone with flaring nose, except for the Russian in front who came for shopping.

Then after running, personal photo sessions was going on to capture such an event where everyone would take part in (which is rare).
Me with Hansin, Wanying, Joe and Wei Shyuan.

Good morning, angels.

Good morning, charlieeeeeeeeeeee!~

Good morning, charlie!

Go to hell, devils!!!!

We're from group 531-A!!!

We didn't stay there for the prize giving session. So everyone went back to the hostels and continue the stereotypes lives.

How very fun to have participated in such event like this.

Below are short video clips of Shaheer, Rahimah and a loser who lost with pride.

Winner Rahimah.

Winner Shaheer.

Whiiner. (The name is kept secret)


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Real mooncake festival

I was called to go to Jack's room at first to eat mooncakes together. Most juniors were there and the mooncakes Jack brought were very delightful. We took a few photos, some acted like camwhore (me and Piiven in this case). However I managed only to try a couple of mooncakes until SuWei came up and called me down from the 7th floor to the 3rd floor. Another mooncakes festival was celebrated at HanSin's. Mooncakes and teas were served for 8 of us. While cutting and dividing the mooncakes, ShuYu, Christie and SuWei were betting for the biggest cutted piece containing the biggest yolk inside. As luck is always by ShuYu's side, she was right with her bet for the biggest piece of yolk in the piece that she picked. Since most of us had not talked in a while, we stayed there for quite a long time and had a pretty chatterable night.
I've got guts coz I was supposed to prepare for the upcoming credit test for pediatrics and should be preparing for "vaccination" for tomorrow's class. But this kinda gathering does not happen often so I chose to linger around in HanSin's room until I felt guilty of not studying and left.
Also since this is HanSin's, SuWei's, WanYing's, Chiou Perng's and Christie's last autumn with us, I'd spend more time with them, coz I don't wanna miss them, so I don't wanna miss a thing.
She won her bet!


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A Pre-mooncake Festival Dinner

Why called it a pre-mooncake festival dinner?

Because it was supposed to be celebrated on the 14th of September(Sunday) but we celebrated it 2 days before the actual date.

Some may wonder "What the heck is a mooncake festival?"

Frankly speaking, I do not know exactly why this day was and still is celebrated nowadays. But dated back to the history of ancient China, mooncakes were actually secret instrument for spreading news for a strike or an attack from one to another. They put a little piece of paper, rolled thin and stuffed into mooncakes. Smart people read the news, the dumb ones were either killed by the government or choke to death by the piece of junk inside the cakes.

Another reason is, according to the legend, once upon a time the God of sun had 10 sons who were also suns which were really sons of a bitch with hot pussy. One sun was allowed to visit the Earth once in a day, and the 10 suns took rotations to visit the Earth everyday. One day, these suns of a bitch decided to go play on the Earth together. So when they came down to the Earth, everything was burnt down. The men couldn't stand them any longer, so they called an archer called HouYi (not a gangster though) to shoot down all of them. He took out his bow and arrows and started shooting, until the last one he spared the sun's life coz he didn't want the world to turn dark. And so bla bla bla, the King awarded him an immortalisation pill and told him "Swallow the pill bit by bit". WuGang had a beautiful wife called ChangEr, he didn't want her to get old and die, so he gave her the pill. She took it and suddenly her body weight got lighter and lighter that she floated up in the air....she flew flew flew until the moon. In order for them both to meet each other, they must wait until the moon is the fullest and the biggest, which is the mid-autumn in lunar calendar (15th day of the autumn). I don't know why we celebrate just because they can see each other on this particular day, coz I don't see her, even so it's none of my business. Some people who're full of imagination saw a tree on the moon. Some spotted a rabbit. I've never seen those kind of crap before.

To see more of the different versions of crap, please click here.

Okay I think some of you may have skipped the story -telling part through, but yeah, I gotta celebrate it coz I wanna eat mooncakes. Since I didn't go back home this year, so I didn't have any mooncakes to eat. So I threw a dinner night for groupmates and friends on the Friday. Dinner was simple, with fried rice, fried noodles, curry chicken, fried calamari aka squids and fried crabsticks (very high risk of getting heart attack). Those who had mooncakes, they brought over to share with the others. Junice, Rose and Shou Zhi, each took one mooncake over for all.

We were 10 including Karin(Italian) and Flo(Austrian) who came from Austria for an exchange-programme. They were cool people, future doctors too! Karin loved spicy food and Flo loved the fried calamari. They both loved the greentea+slimmy jelly thingy mooncake. Infact we all liked the mooncake really much.

Tada! Flo on the left, Karin on the right (innit obvious?)

Flo has huge arms and I had not thought one bit about offending him.

They actually met Wei Shyuan during her surgery cycle. They were quite depressed living here, so they asked Wei Shyuan to include them in whatever activities of hers. So WS gave me a call and asked if I could include them in the party as well. There was nothing to lose from getting acquainted with them, so they were counted in.
Flo told me that we have many things in common, but they were many things we've in common that did not reach the same degree.
For example:
a) we like lifting weights, but he has huge ripped arms, I have huge flabby arms (don't snigger okay?)

b) we like guitar, but he must have played far better than me.

c) we like "Du Hast Den Schönsten Arsch Der Welt", but he knows the language better than me.

But we do have something in common.

We both like this poster very much!!!

Party ended up with taking lanterns and bringing them back to their hotel which was situated not far from our hostel. Wind was strong that night, it's like the ghosts were swirling around us. My lantern, the seal one, went out the earliest. The paper lanterns were the heroes. Fortunately, no lantern was burnt, coz each year, there must be at least 1 lantern turns into dark ashes.

Is it just me or do I look gay in this pic?

The pic which I was rejected out for taking together with them,

the so-called "Menopause team" *tssk tssk*

Teeheee.....wide mouths

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The next dawn 下一个天亮

郭靜 - 下一個天亮.mp3 -

# 用起伏的背影 挡住哭泣的心   
有些故事 不必说给 每个人听   
许多眼睛 看的太浅太近   
错过我没被看见 那个自己      

@ 用简单的言语 解开超载的心   
有些情绪 是该说给 懂的人听   
你的热泪 比我激动怜惜   
我发誓要更努力 更有勇气      

* 等下一个天亮   

& 时间可以磨去我的棱角   
请容许我 小小的骄傲   

Using the undulating shadow to hide the crying heart
Some stories aren't necessary to tell everyone
So many eyes looking too close too near
I missed the chance of seeing my own self.

Using simple words to relieve the overloaded heart
Some emotions are necessary to tell to those who understand
Your passionate tears are even pitiful than my stormy emotions
I swear I'd try harder, to be bolder

Waiting for the next dawn
Let's go to the place where we held hands and looked at flowers, okay?
The accumulated snow will melt away by itself
Your shoulder is my open-minded heaven

Waiting for the next dawn
Gift me the picture that you secretly snapped while I was looking at the sea, okay?
I like the way my hair was blown by the wind
And also the way I looked far away in the rain

Time can grind down my past
But sometimes the determination can never be ground away
Please let me to be proud about
The fact that I have a shelter like you

Translated by kkkochi.

I should've learnt chinese better!!!!!!!
I don't even know whether the translation makes any sense.
Anyway, this is a lovely song.
It's a hit song in Red Box, according to my friend.
So enjoy the song!!!


Runny nose

Run my nose......Run!!!!

Yep it's definitely running.......
It's not the nose itself running, but it's the nasal secretion that keeps running like running tap water.

Well, this autumn is unusually hot and cold.
In Russia, they have an autumnal summer for a few days. They called it "Babe Leto", which literally means lady summer and in English it's called "Indian Summer". What kind of lady or indian lady is she, I don't know. But if I found out who is she, I'd rape her, coz it's kinda hot.
It continued for a couple days then it started raining again...the next thing I knew after waking up, the temperature dropped to 6 degrees!!! Since I like cold weather so much, it's not a problem for me. Moreover I could show off my new scarf bought from Berlin. How sweet, I looked like a hot jock!!!Except that I've got the fat and the unsual height -_-

Moving on, about running nose, yes I have it now and I've never liked it. This is the only reason I don't like in autumn. Viral infection starts to spread around. Diseases like flu and pertussis usually manifest in season like this. Usually it spread around among people if one from the group acquired the disease. As for me, I don't know who spreaded it to me but it's certainly from one of my groupmates or the teacher. Such thick mucuos stuck inside my nostrils that I could use it for sticking notes against my wall.

So I bought Antigrippin from the pharmacy and it has quite an effect. It sedated me mildly but it's enough to let me sleep for a century. It contains :
1) Acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) as anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, pain-killer and thrombolytics.
2) Ascorbic acid (vit C) as antioxidants for cell regeneration and immunity booster.
3) Rutozid (rutin) as angioprotectant (protect the blood vessel one...) by strengthening the vessel's wall.
4) Metamizol sodium (analgin) as anti-inflammatory and suppression of prostaglandin synthesis.
5) Diphenhydramine (dimedrol) as antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, local anaesthetic; remedy against swelling of the nasal mucosa, sorethroat and bla bla bla.....
6) Calcium gluconate as regulator of calcium and phosphate ratio and antiallergic.

Dimedrol is a drug of the 1st generation of antihistamine. No wonder it sedated me so nicely.

Don't know why the manufacturer separated the drug into 2 different colored capsules.
The white one containing analgin, calcium gluconate and dimedrol.
The green one containing ascorbic acid, aspirin and rutin.

Maybe if combined altogether it'd be as big as a choc of Ferrero Roche.

Also I bought a nasal decongestant to melt away my sticky mucuos. It's no more a stranger to me coz I always have nasal congestion on lying position. It's the one who shares bed with me these days......

Shou Zhi also suffers from the same signs and symptoms, but he chose to rely on his traditional chinese medications (though he's a modern medical student. I wonder if he knew what did the trad. med. contain).

"You try the modern meds, I try my traditional meds"

LOL later at night he told me that he's sick as hell while I was getting better through time. Ngahahahahahaha.........

Nantha's braces with invisible wire..............
I lied, there's indeed no wire.
Looking forward to see his new colorful wire.


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Monday, September 1, 2008

Just a shout can ignore this however.

Holidays ended, class started.
Homework accumulates, workload increases.
Mood decreases as usual, weather's getting colder.
New semester, old life.
People come back, money goes away.
Forgot Russian language, remember nothing.
Eat shit, drink urine.
Tension rises, luck falls.
Good hostel, bad commandant.
Big expensive room, small cheap facilities.
2 years left but feel like 2 centuries to go.
Now must study, but don't wanna.
But if didn't wanna study, I die.
You don't study, you die.
You studied, also will die.
You die, I die.
Tomorrow, bye bye.
Today, must watch Family Guy.