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Monday, October 20, 2008

Interested in Neurology??? Here's the buzz!!!

Dreaming of becoming a neurologist or a neurosurgeon but still vaguely understood about the soft slimy brain and long winding nerves?

Well here's a BUZZ for all future NNSMA neurologists!!!

We have proudly invited Professor Erle Lim Vice Dean of Medical School Faculty, National University of Singapore (NUS) to give a 2 day lecture in NNSMA.

Professor Erle Lim is a world renowned noted Senior Consultant in Neurology. He had won an enormous number of awards, not only in Singapore but also Internationally.

Professor Erle Lim is also sub-specialised in Botox and movement disorders.

Below is the timetable and the topics of the 2 day lectures :

Day 1 :
14th of November (Friday)
5:00pm - 6:30pm
БФК lecture hall
1. Introduction of NUH, Singapore hospitals and healthcare system.
2. Neurology Made Easy.

Day 2 :
15th of November (Saturday)
9:00am - 10:00am
БФК lecture hall
Physical examination to localize accurately
(catered for 4th-6th year students)

10:30am - 11:30am
БФК lecture hall
Video quiz on movement disorders
(catered for 4th-6th year students)

1:30pm - 4.30pm
How to approach a clinical short case
(catered for 6th year students)

* Time and location are subjected to changes. Should there be any changes, further announcement will be made.

Read more about Professor Erle Lim HERE.

So what are you waiting for???

Wanna know how Botox is performed and what are the consequences after the shot?

Quickly submit your names to the student in-charge because we need to estimate the number of students for accomodation in the lecture hall.

All is welcome as long as you are a student of NNSMA.

For more information, please kindly contact:

1. Ng Su Wei +7920-022-66-79

2. Jasmine Yew Sze Yin +7920-252-02-69


An "ophthalmic and optometric" experience

[Warning : this is a potentially medically boring blog....]
Now we know what the optometrists were doing all this while....LOL
They deceived the eye with an "eye candy", not realistically but physically to make it a better navigator.

Today the class was devoted to "Methods of optical examination". We were dying to touch the apparatuses since the first day (not all yet).

We were brought into a very dark room with black-painted walls to be shot into the head by light rays emitted by lamps, metaphorically exaggerated.

In short, there were shiny lamps in a very dark room.

First thing first was the examination of the visual acuity. In English, it's an examination of the eye sharpness "and" see how sharp you can penetrate through one's body (ignore the latter phrase after "and").

Ka Keat was the first to test his eyesight by looking at the Snellen Chart which looked something like this :
This is very familiar to those who have glasses.

Then he put on the phoropter (optical refractor) with corrective lenses to find out his degree of visual acuity. No lens was suitable for him, so teacher suggested "astigmatism/散光" on him.
Ka Keat with his signature look with little eyes.
This teacher speaks very perfect English *love love*

A set of corrective lenses.

The yellowishy "plus" lenses for hyperopia (longsightedness).

An optically very old optical refractor(phoropter) for correction.

Then we proceeded to measuring the length of eye projection out of the eyesocket called exophthalmetry by means of an exophthalmeter.
exo- : go out
opthalo- : eye
-metry : measurement

I looked like a freakin' 5 year-old kid, ngengengenge....

He was violating my eyes and for crying out loud I was in pain, xD.

Rose performing ophthalmetry on Nantha.

Me examining the protrusion of his eyes excitedly, ngehehehe.

After that, Nantha's left eye was dropped with mydriatic cycloeplegic instillation to paralyse the ciliary muscles of the eye, resulting in a very widely dilated pupil.
The purpose of the dilation was to perform the fundoscopy on his eye. Situation wasn't really favorable as the teacher said that he has chronic conjunctivitis with photophobia. Plus, in a mydriatic eye, it's very painful when light is shone into the eye.

But in spite of the unfavorable condition, Nantha was very noble to let everyone of us to perform the fundoscopy on him. Fundoscopy isn't an easy task to perform and it requires experience. I wasn't very pro in performing fundoscopy and I was panicked because it was very uncomfortable to my best friend. But all in all, I saw what was supposed to be seen but I was ambivalent and skeptical.

Look closely and you'll see the left eye pupil (your right) is wider than

the right one (your left).

The right eye in close-up. Normal, undilated and reacted to light.

The left eye in close-up. Dilated and nonreactive to light.

It was a very fun class and we learnt alot in fact. Tomorrow's my turn for pupil dilation like what you've seen above. Hopefully this will help my classmates to understand better about ophthalmology. Just under one condition that Faiz won't violate my eyes coz that hurted much during exophthalmetry.....heeeeheeeeeheeeeee~~~


Sitting in the bus comes with a price

There's always this funny rule in my group on a bus (if not, perhaps self-acclaimed rule?)

If you get to sit on the bus, you'd have to hold bags for others.

So today we were sardine-canned on a bus and Uncle Lim got to sit in a place where the conductor was supposed to collect the fares. Since the conductor wasn't working, so he got to sit after the previous passenger had left.

We were backpacking on the bus and (I don't know if he offered) we gave him our bags. One after another, not feeling ashamed *tssk tssk*.

It's so hard to describe but the picture says it all.......


Thursday, October 16, 2008

As stubborn as an ass

Before this I thought Russians (not all) are the most stubborn people of all mankind.

But something changed my mind today.

As I was looking for a place to get changed into my labcoat, it seemed that everywhere was full of people. So me and my friends managed to find an empty bench to get ourselves changed.

There was a cat, laying there, lazing on the fine Thursday morning. I was running out of time and I tried to scare it away.

I tried to shoo it away but that didn't work.

Then I tried to push it away and surprisedly that didn't work as well.

I had to come to the crude way. I put my bag on its back with the hope that it jumps off the bench and let me change.

The 4kg-ish bag is on its back and look below......

Nothing worked!!!!!!!!!

I didn't care anymore. I just put that on its back and took my things out without 2nd thought.

There's no way to chase it away. So I called Joe who happened to be around that time. She came and I told her about this cat. I pounded the cat a few times with my bag and suddenly it ran away in an abrupt mode scaring Joe's soul out of her medium.

A loud shout was heard and everyone was looking at us.

But one new thing I've learnt today :

Russian Cat can be as stubborn as the Russians (not all).


Just a piece of crap

The president's classic shaking bootiliciously while walking. That's his signiture walk!!!!!

And the long arm ape style walking of Nantha. Not really evident enough in this video but I bet you'll see everyday (if only you saw him).


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Real or Fake?

Cardiosurgical cycle is going on now. Not a heavy cycle but rather a time wasting somehow. We have to wait for unknown reasons, however it's good in a way that we can talk and gossip, and laugh like nobody's business.

The 1st few days were okay because English speaking teachers delivered the classes smoothly. The first one was a happy lady, 2nd one was a fast speaking young lad, and the 3rd one was a cute, very young good-looking doctor. Today's the 4th day, the Bear man (Medvedev, a bloke) was the teacher, and the class was kinda boring and russian-ish.

He knows some english equivalent terms but not all, which we found difficult in understanding. Hence he taught us with drawing......drawing......and more drawing. And we answered with our mediocre russian level and more drawing too. We managed to understand, if not all, the things he tried to explain pretty well.

But one thing's for sure, he smokes and he has a bad mouth odour. Ergh I couldn't stand sitting right beside him while he was explaining to us. It was like either a bad meat or a good cheese, you call it. Due to long standing babbles of his in Russian, we were kinda blew away by in to the slumberland.

"So tell me what happened if.............." (in Russian)
"Understand? Any questions?" (in Russian)

He played 3 video clips about valvular replacements. It was interesting but the volume of the video was so muffled. It was like a lullaby, sending us to sleep. We all managed to go anti-sleep but Nantha surrendered and dozed off in front of the Bear on a soft comfy couch.

So the class was devoted to Valvular Heart Diseases. He showed us some dried, well perserved heart valves with calcifications. It's somewhat astonishing and amazing because we would never (or have yet) seen calcified valves in real.

So what would you choose?

A real flower or a fake one?
A real Bush or a fake one?
A real dick or a fake dildo?
A real valve or a prosthesis?

Of course both have their own benefits. When you're out of choice, a fake one would come in handy. But there's nothing more satisfying than having an original one.

A real flower may dry up, but a fake one stays forever.
A real Bush can be seen on tv, but a fake one can be found only in Wax Museum.
A real dick.........well you know~don't need to go further than that.

Of course, a real valve is yours, a prosthesis is a replacement. Nothing is better than an original but when there's no choice but to replace it, a prosthesis is the answer.

So reasons causing the calcification of the heart valves and stenosis(narrowing) are amongst the following: -
a) Rheumatism - tonsillitis, joint pain etc
b) Infection - infective endocarditis
c) Trauma of the valve
d) Atherosclerosis - especially in aorta, the plague restricts opening of aortic valve.
e) Degeneration of valvular cusps
f) etc...........

Read ShouZhi's blog in both chinese and english. He wrote it interesting.

Ooooookay.....getting boring here, take a look at the pictures. I'm not gonna tell here more for your understanding. Any questions, feel free to PM me.

Now you see..the yellowish is the valvular structure, the whitish is calcification.

The prostheses of valves.

The forefather of all prosthetic valves.

The newer prosthetic valve, the aortic prosthesis, and calcified valves.

The size of a valve in comparison with ShouZhi's dry cracked palm.

The latest modern prosthetic valve and its old friends.
Up close

Now, altogether, say cheese!

Patients with prosthetic valves have little cute ticking sounds coming out from the chest. Kinda freaky though.


Monday, October 13, 2008

More about perfect niece~

She's too adorable......I can't help but to edit her pictures~~
And add a few monologues. Hehe~

Here are some monologues with attitude: -

She was saying "I say you put me down, damn you!!!"

And here's the classic one...........


Sunday, October 12, 2008

My pic was used as a header in my sis' blog!!

Days ago my younger sister asked for my permission to let her put the picture that I shot as her blog's header.

Since I like editing, I asked her if she needed help in putting words into the picture.

She wanted the header related to food, but I told her that's mediocre.

Since the picture was taken with a staircase in it, so I figured it should be named like "................................."

It's classic and beautiful (not to brag, but it is beautiful to me)

Ngehehehehe......I'm the next America's Next Top Model's noted photographer. Hopefully better than Gil Bensimone ))))))))


My first swimming session in Russia

I've been dreaming to go swimming since I was a first year student. But circumstances applied like :
- doubt about the location
- doubt about the price
- doubt about swimming condition
- troublesome procedures prior to swimming
- medical tests to testify health condition
- and more....

Some seniors went to some swimming pools but they told me that the price was crazily ridiculously expensive. So I have to ask the Russians regarding some other swimming pools in the city.

Since I have done the medical check-up for doing the elective in Obstretical department, I have the chance to go swimming without deliberately troubling myself for a check-up just for swimming. The medical check-up was pricey, so I have to make something out of it, or I'll be wasting money just for a crappy practical.

So I asked Victor about the swimming pools around the city. He first introduced me to go to Olimp which is 180p per session. It's expensive, so I asked him for some other places. Then he recommended me to go to somewhere quite far, 3 stops after Moskovskiy Vokzal. He went swimming there. He told me once he was swimming alone in the pool in the afternoon. But it is way much cheaper than Olimp definitely (I'm not gonna tell the price hiiihiiihiiiiii). It's worth for 4 trainings in a month for a low price.

Han Sing and I went there today. But we have to wait until the indicated time before we can swim. Before that, a medical personnel checked our bodies for any signs of fungal infections and others. Then we proceeded into the changing room. Of course, I went into the gents and she went into the ladies.

When I was in there, an old lady who's supposed to look after the lockers sat there and told me to put all the things I need into a bag and bring it along. Luckily I had an extra plastic bag brought with me. So she was sitting there while every guy in there got changed. I bet she's seen all different sizes of dicks. But Russian kids have long dicks. I couldn't close my eyes but to see and feel intimidated hahaha.....

Then we had to bathe ourselves before swimming. After bathing we had to wait for those who were swimming in the pool until the alarm went off. Then we swam like free willy after that for 40 minutes.

It's a brand new excitement to me in this city. I feel replenished, like waking up from a deep sleep with excellent mood (sometimes I woke up after nightmares with sucky mood).

Looking forward for my next session of the month.


Friday, October 10, 2008

My very own 1st niece in the family

There's nothing happier than having a baby in the family. It brings joy and laughter to the family. It's like an angel sent from above. A gift from the God after all the good things we've done.

About 4pm afternoon of 10 of October 2008, my eldest sister delivered a lovely baby. Though my sister had complication that she decided to deliver her baby by C-section, the baby came out perfectly fine. Everyone in the family was happy, including the bad ass who's living in Russia now (guess who?)

So, how should the baby call me then?

Uncle King?

Fat uncle?

1st uncle?

Big uncle?

or just "Uncle"?

I prefer the first one......

Oh yeah, in terms of naming, my sis has came out with a beautiful name for her very first born child.

陈巧灵 Cheryl Tan Chiau Ling

(How does it sound?)

However my dad has a problem with middle name. He said that the name should be covered by a "roof" not left empty. Words with "roof" eg. 宝,嘉,国,庆,霖。。。。 something like this. So the baby has not been named yet. My dad is probably thinking hard for the perfect name for his perfect 1st grandchild.

My lil' sis told me that the baby bears resemblence of the mother. I personally think so too.

Too bad I'm so far and could only see from the pics. Oh well, I just have to wait for my turn......hahahaha

Here are the pics taken.


Clarification - Russian classes

Years ago, I studied Russian very hard for the fucking "Avtomat" in order to be exempted from the dreadful Russian exams.

I remember during 2nd year's Russian classes, all we did was memorizing endless articles and re-telling about what we'd photocopied into our minds without knowing what's right and wrong. It was a whole year long of ordeal to me because again, to get the fucking "Avtomat", we had to memorize the fucking texts and articles, smile, and then get a 5 for the stupid story-telling test. Hence we omitted alot of useful words that might be integrated into normal daily conversations. Those words, if not all, were forgotten after the story telling contests which everyone was aiming for the "5".

Those who did not converse with Russians didn't even know the exact meaning of the words that they had memorized or the usage of the words. Some really made the effort out of themselves for self-improvement. They talked to people around, made friends with the locals and learned with it. Some just wanna get the 5 in order to be exempted from the exams with any ways like copying from the others, with their superb memorizing skills, kissing teachers' asses and a mile of loo--------oooong smile on the face.

I was one of the kiasu one who just wanted to be exempted from exams. I challenged my bad memory for getting an image of the text which was supposed to be remembered by heart. But nevertheless I tried to make friends and talk to them eventhough my Russian Language sucks ass. However I've improved through the conversations after the 5 long years.

Entered the 5th year. The same thing happened again. We have to memorize the articles or better, memorize the articles that were simplified by ownself. But indeniably that it is also a way of memorization. For mentally retarded me, it's so fucking hard to just to get the image of the articles. If during "reproduction" of the texts, if startled (due to panic attacks or just simply forgetting), you might get a 4 or worse, a 3 which is "satisfactory" but not bad. But to me that's a very bad mark for a very bad ass.

Enough is enough. I won't care about the fucking marks that I'm gonna get in the future. I just wanna study for my own good but not memorising about the fucking systems of the Russian hospitals, the follow up etc etc etc bla bla bla bla. What important to me now are the medical studies and to converse in a better Russian vocabulary in the right way. If the teacher decided to let me pass the exam without going through the whole process, i'd be thankful 100% to her. If not, I'll be doing what I think I should do best, ignoring all the others that aren't interesting to me....To those who did not think so, please leave a comment, hehehe. I'd be very glad if you could enlighten me.


Monday, October 6, 2008


Is this any better compared with the previous one in B&W?
Still, showing 2 man whores laying on the ground, trying to seduce without success.


Autumn Dream...秋之梦

When the leaves turn from green to yellow,
our friendship remains the same.
When the leaves fall off from the yellow trees,
our friendship never shred.
When the leaves lay on the ground,
our friendship bud is blooming.
When the weather turns colder,
our friendship strengthens.
When the chirping birds are busy migrating,
our friendship has never evaporated.
8 of us are just like a small family, clinging on to each other, and share our laughters together.
8 of us are one and nothing could come between us.
I love you, Group A!!
- Maizatul Farah binti Mahmood(马载猪 花垃 麻木)
- Faiz Najmi bin Mansur (罚一字 拿着米 慢输)
- Rose Ngui Miao Yee (螺丝 魏妙如)
- Mohd Fadzli bin Zahari (末 法治理 炸哈李)
- Tan Ka Keat (陈嘉杰)
- Lim Shou Zhi (林首志)
- Chia Kok King (谢国庆)
- Nanthakumar Nadarajah (难他姑妈 拿他拉着)