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Monday, June 30, 2008

Cold water was never shutted down!

Russian shenanigan!!!!! @!#$!@$

I filled 3 pails of water to flush the water.
(You know when sometimes you shit, it's so sticky and it sticks on the toilet bowl so hard, you gotta flush it down, or when you get diarrhea your watery faeces just rain on the whole toilet bowl. The water is just for prevention.)

I told myself to not have shower during the no-water days.
(Maybe wiping my armpits and groins and genitals....*GROSS*)

I filled my water flasks with water for boiling.

I went shopping (nothing related with water cut off)

But the hot water is still out!!!!!

I always comfort myself with the words "Aiya cold water shower boosts up your immune system...."

But my body can't take it anymore!!!!!

I'll be singing "It's a damn cold night......." coz the weather is not really warm anymore. Temperature is dropping coz autumn is coming.

Wish me good luck!~

Kochi photography

New shades

Bought myself a pair of new shades.

Background's a bit messy but don't look at it...... :D:D:D

My little!

Jasmine, Azrina and Addin asked me a favor to take care of their cat since they're flying back home. So I accepted the favor and took care of the cat. I still remember their faces when they were saying farewell to the cat. LOL.
Jasmine wrote an sms to me asking about that cat, rather than asking "how are you?"

The cat is called "Nini". I have totally no idea who gave and how did the idea of the name come from. Oh yeah it's a female cat.

I don't like cats really, but it's for the favor im doing this. This cat is pretty active and cute. But naughty that I scolded her for several times already.

And the shit stinks so bad!!!!!


Friends asked me "Yerrr....why this cat looks like those on the curb?"

Hell how should I know that?!!

No commment.

Dear Diary : Chapter 2

Well here comes again my dear boring diary. The reason why I'm writing this diary is to let you know about my progress in summer practicals and my first ever summer holidays here.

Well it's been 5 days since my last entry. Reason why was I skipped the summer practical training for 2 times already (I went for 2 times only). I just wanna enjoy my holidays to the fullest. Compensation of sleep for my sleepless nights during studies. Laze in the room like a real pig. Play with my "temporary"!!!

Ok let's turn back time, to the 2nd day of my practicals. Well nothing much had been done during that day. I reached the hospital approximately at about 10 am. The supervisor gave me 2 patients and requested me to clerk about their history of present illness, make a diagnosis, prescribe treatment with dosages.

I've clerked the male patient first who had angina and hypertensive crisis. He was not really cooperative but I managed to rule out those I needed to. Such a pain in the ass, he was talking bullcrap and stuff and restricted me from doing anything. But it was my duty to make him cooperative even if he wasn't cooperative enough. Blah.......I need to improve on that!!!

After clerking the incooperative patient, I went back to the supervisor. She asked me if I had clerked both patients, and I told her no. Coz I wanna save one for a day and one for another. She said okay, then I asked her for more ECG recordings. And she showed me this :

So what's your diagnosis?

1) Rhythm?

2) Rate?

3) Axis?

4) Intervals?

5) Pathology?

The next day I skipped practical due to laziness. Normal for me. :D:D:D

Blah really don't know what else to blog. Ok next blog : My little!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No evidence of hot water + worser news

Yup it's 8 days after the stated date which was 17th of June, which they promised that the hot water supply would resume. It's 26th of June today and there's still not even a single drop of warm water dripping out.

I've been using my Retard Version of showering for quite some times already. But till this day, still no evidence of hot water supply.

And the worser news is ---- There will be no water at all on 28th of June till 29th

I can't imagine not having water at all for the whole summer.

Dear boss of the water company, please fulfil your promise. I don't wanna play your games anymore!!!

Sarah, I was right, right?


Dear Diary - Chapter 1

It was weeks ago since my last update. But here I am resuming blogging as a rookie blogger.

Date : 25th June 2008 (Wednesday)

Weather : Sunny, Gloomy, Drizzle

My first day of serious practical training ever in Russia. I was ordered to go to the 5th hospital for the first rotation of the practical training, Internal Medicine.

The alarm rang but my bed didn't let me go. But I was having a weird dream that I thought is weird but I couldn't remember it. Anyways, Raja called and asked me about this practical stuff and asked me what time I'll go.

"Ello, Kok King, ko ari ni pergi buat practical ke?"
Hello Kok King, are you going for practicals today?


"Pukul sembilan kan? U pukul berapa nak pergi?"
At 9 o'clock right? What time are you going?

"Pukul sembilan kut, I masih tido"
Maybe at 9 o'clock, I'm still sleeping.

"Oh ye keh....hahaha ok la baibai"
Oh really....hahaha ok byebye

So after struggling with King of Slumberland, I decided to get my sorry ass up and get ready for practicals.

Took a bus and reached there. Surprisingly I couldn't see any students. So I went into the doctor's room and asked. I saw the examiner who examined me for my practicals skills during the exam, the name is Natalya Gennadevna. I asked her "Am I supposed to have practicals here?" She answered "Yes" I asked "Who is Nadezhda Evgenevna?" She pointed to me. Then she asked Nadezhda Evgenevna if she could supervise me. "Он хорошо перкутирует!" Nadezhda Evgenevna agreed.

The reason why she wanted to supervise me was during the exam of practical skills, she asked me to show her Kurlov's measurement of Liver Span. So I showed her how and she liked the way of my percussion, saying that it's loud and clear. She told me to answer about the patient's diagnosis and treatment to her but I did not finish my report. Therefore she told me to go to her, she said "Come to me when u're ready, I'll remember you" And when Maria Lvovna(another examiner) came, she told her that I'd answer everything with her. Thinking that I do very slow, she came and asked me if I've finished but I repeated the same answer. Then I asked her if i could answer directly orally without writing in the report. She said okay, but what the hell, she sat down and started to ask me all the stuff. Being nervous and worried, I stuttered answering. But she was kind enough to lead me to make more diagnosis of one patient with Rheumatism + cardiovascular disease.

Blah blah blah.....I'm not gonna go into the details. But the bottomline is I think she likes me. HAHA. I do not wish to hear any feedbacks from anybody regarding this matter. But I heard from my senior that she told them "it's normal for girl to like boys, so I could remember boys' names better"

Anyways back to the practicals, first she showed me some ECG recordings and asked me to diagnose the pathologies. Kinda hard but still managed to get by. Then she brought me to see her patients.

The first patient was a patient with Stable Angina(acute chest pain). Blood pressure and heart sounds were good. Pitting edema was absent. His general condition was satisfactory.

The second patient was a rather younger one, at his 40s. Diagnosis was Unstable Angina(in this case, first time acute chest pain). Heart sounds were good, blood pressure was normal and general condition was satisfactory.

The third patient had lots of cardiovascular diseases. He 4 previous episodes of myocardial infarction (heart attack), 2 previous episodes of strokes. Now he has signs of atrial fibrillation, right bundle branch block, transmural Q myocardial infarction and ventricular extrasystole showed on ECG. But the supervisor told me that the diagnosis is not sure coz she wasn't sure that if it's an aneurysm or a transmural Q MI. Anyhoo, the patient was normal and cyanosed (blue) when we went to see him. When the doctor asked him if he felt any better, he answered yes. But just when we were examining the 2 other patients, he suddenly developed breathlessness and orthopnea(breahtlessness in lying position). So another complication was pulmonary edema(water in lungs).

Enough about the 3rd one. Here comes the 4th patient.

Male, 70-80-ish years old in moderate general condition. He was responding but we couldn' understand what he was trying to say. He has dry skin on the legs with no pitting edema but ascites with caput medusae was observed. Diagnosis - chronic heart failure. She didn't show me the ECG but told me about the diagnosis. She also said that there's no treatment for this patient since he's old and his condition didn't respond to the treatment, the only treatment he needed was family support and wait for his time to come.

After this rounding, we went back to the doctor's room and she started to ask me to interpret the 3rd patient's ECG (I didn't know about the diagnosis before). Hell of a difficult task to interpret the ECG, as I wasn't as brilliant as some other students, but still carry on.

Slowly observing the rhythm, the axis, the heart rate, the waves.... and I slowly told her about the diagnosis I could make. I said QS complex - transmural Q MI, she asked "What else?" To be honest, I've never more than 2 diagnoses in one ECG recording. But I tried to find another pathology. I looked through all leads again. Tried to shoot another one. I answered atrial fibrillation. She asked again "What else?" I started to scratch my head, took deep breaths and kept searching for another pathology. I saw some abnormal waves in V2 but wasn't sure of that, but when I looked through chest leads V4, V5, I saw some "W" waves. Pretty sure that it's a bundle branch block. Then I looked back to the irregular waves and saw many multiple "M"s....So I decided to shoot again - Right bundle branch block. She asked me why and how did I diagnose this. I wasn't really know how to answer but what to do, just use my own words "Coz I saw W in V4,V5 and some funny Ms in V2" She kinda agreed but I think the definition is a bit low class. HAHAHA. Who cares.

Then she shot again "What else". I was like what the fuck!! Then looked through all the leads again and saw some bizarre QRS complaxes without complete compensatory pause. To my shallowness, QRS with complete compensatory pause is definitely a Ventricular Extrasystole. So I sucked it up and answered "VENTRICULAR EXTRASYSTOLE". She was kinda impressed. But after that I asked her why was there no complete compensatory pause in ventricular extrasystole. She told me that sometimes it happens when ventricular extrasystole is not accompanied by a complete compensatory pause due to tachyarrhythmias.

So diagnoses that I learnt to make today in one ECG was :

Nonrhythmic tachyarrhythmia with left axis deviation. Heart rate 142 beats per minute. Transmural Q myocardial infarction. Atrial fibrillation. Right bundle branch block. Ventricular extrasystole.

Blah......the ECG was killing my eyes.

Then after she asked me about the treatment of progressive angina. She took the Russian drug information book - Vidal to me and asked me to find all drugs and their trademarks and dosage.

*Angina - sudden acute chest pain with radiation of pain to the left shoulder, left neck, left arm, less commonly left jaw*

So here are they.....(luckily I brought my personal drug notebook)

1. Antiaggregant - Thrombo Ass (ASA) [she said aspirin low effect, not good ler]
100mg, 1 tab once daily in the evening.

*Clopidogrel too but she said in their hospital they use Thrombo ASS*
really queer name

2. ACE inhibitor - Prestarium (Perindopril) [she said modern long acting, good drug]
8mg, 1 tab once daily in the morning.

3. B-blocker - Concor (Bisoprolol) [I think she didn't like the name of Bisogamma]
5mg, 1 tab once daily in the morning.

4. Short acting Nitroglycerine 0.3 - 0.4 mg SL
Long acting Kardiket (Isosorbide dinitrate) 20mg, 1 tab thrice a day.

5. Statin - Zocor forte (Simvastatin) [Max dosage :]
40mg, 1 tab once daily if patient has IHD + hyperlipidemia.
20mg, 1 tab once daily if patient has only hyperlipidemia.

6. Anticoagulant - Hepasol-Neo (Heparin)
1.0 - 1.25 ml/kg/hour [Max :]

7. Fibrates (Gemfibrozil, Bezafibrozil, Ciprofibrozil) can be given when there is uncontrollable hyperlipidemia and to treat hyperlipidemia if there's more high molecular weight lipids. In this case, it's not used.

I asked her one, I think, stupid question.

"Can we prescribe 2 preparations of one drug group to a patient?"

*Guess her answer*

"What for, one is already enough for the effect"

So pwned!!!

After that there was a presentation about new company manufacturing Warfarin. Don't know the name of the company. So we watched and trust me it was boring. I felt so sleepy watching it. And I bet the other doctors who were watching didn't feel any much different like I did.

Lesson learned 1 : if you are prescribing warfarin, check International Normalized Ratio(INR) of patient's blood before administering. Normal INR value is 2-3. If less, warfarin's dosage should be elevated. If more, there's risk of hemorrhage.

Lesson learned 2 : if you are prescribing heparin, check partial activated thromplastin time of patient's blood.

Every learning session will have homework. So my homework was an information about Warfarin, its mechanism of action, its effects, its indication, its side effects.

Before going back home, I asked her if she's a teacher, she said she teaches the 5th year. So I told her which group is she gonna take for the next year. She said, she didn't hope to get group B. I asked why. She said "I knew them and I talked to their teacher, they have poor knowledge". I told her we all have poor knowledge. But she said they don't even know the simplest basics, also they have attitude problems.

She also praised my teacher, Natalya Viktorovna to be a very good and experienced doctor and teacher. She said usually her students would not have problems in the 5th year. I really felt so proud for being her student. But that doesn't mean that other students are bad. Her students just turned from stupid to more enlightened. HAHA. Maria Lvovna's a great teacher too coz she induced her students to think about clinical features via pathogenesis of the diseases. That's what I heard from her students. All Internal Medicine teachers are great all in all.

I think that's all about now. I bet some readers would not able to understand. But if you have any queries, feel free to IM me or drop me a mail at . I will try my best to explain to you. It's important to know somehow coz we or our VIP might have such attack like angina. So feel free to drop a message to ask or just to say hello. HAHA.

More information about ECG, please click here.

-End Diary-

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Short announcement :
Faiz Najmi was the 1000th viewer.


These are the questions I got as I was answering on my questions during Neurology exam.

1) Explain why HYPERREFLEXIA occurs in upper neuron lesion central paralysis?

2) Criteria for making diagnosis of MIGRAINE.

Answers are pretty simple. Just need to think simple and not thinking too profoundly. HAHA. So who're gonna bring themselves to the test, huh?

Also hereby, I congratulate all strivers of my batch for passing another killer exam.

I really think I need to quote this out though my cute groupmate Efenem had mentioned this in his blog...But whatever~

Marks aren't really important. What more important is whether you pass the exams in your country or not - Quoted from Vera Naumovna, Head of Neurology and Medical Genetics of NNSMA.

Strive for Internal Medicine now, brothers and sisters!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

My birthday reflects.....

Your Birthdate: December 21
You're a restless rebel with an unpredictable nature.
Bright but unbridled, you tend to seek out wild experiences over new ideas.
People are frustrated by your great potential, but you love your unconventional life.
You're a heartbreaker. People get attached to you, and then you're gone.

Your strength: Your thirst for adventure

Your weakness: Not taking time for slow pleasures

Your power color: Hot pink

Your power symbol: Figure eight

Your power month: March

Friday, June 6, 2008

Proudly present....

My cute little water boiler. I didn't beg from my dad coz it's as cheap as 91 roubles (91/7.5 = RMxx, you do the math).

So this is it......

It's really hot at the spiral part, but not hot at the proximal part. It's sizzling at the distal part and cold at the proximal. I wonder why??

Can u see the bubbles?

Well I bathed with just a pail of water for my body. I wonder if it's enough for my huge surface area??

Who wanna bring it to the test, huh?

How about sniffing my body?

I'll pay 22 roubles for each person who smell my body.

How's that sound?

I'll pay for everyone except for my gf..... hahahahah!!!!

Of course I'm kidding coz some may come and smell just for a to-and-fro bus fare.

Also, presenting a short video clip of "Don't while you're having prosthetic teeth"


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Month Of Agony

It's JUNE, we're still nowhere to go.

June is the month of torture.

The first big deal is the exams. 24-7 sinking head down the books is what we do here in this month. But nevertheless we could handle exams better.

The second deal is the weather. June has the hottest condition of summer. Temperature could soar as high as 38 centigrade, which is, without an air-conditioner, agonizing, sleep sweating, smelly pyjamas and stinky bedlinen.
But this year's june is cool. I love it.

The last but not least super-duper-mega-ultra-mumbo-jumbo deal is the acute hot water supply shortage. Richer students would buy a portable water heater to heat up the icy cold water. The less fortunate ones could only rely on the central water heating system that is supplied by the government. Once in a year, in June precisely, they would turn it off for some piping repair which I saw them repairing during the winter as well. Sometimes it takes 2 weeks, sometimes it takes 2 months. When the weather is hot, this turnoff is pretty beneficial to the sweaty body and balls. But when the weather is not reaching 30 centigrade, this is a total mental massacre to people who would like to take a hot warm shower. Not sure if the deans office didn't pay the bill for hot water or what, though I've heard from my Russian friend telling me that there's no hot water supply in his apartment too. But this usually roughly takes about 1-2 weeks for it to resume its operation.

My bottomline is I can't take this anymore since I'm not going back to Malaysia this summer, and probably the next coming one. I'll beg papa to let me get a water heater. A real cheap one of course. By then I'll be showering and singing with my sweet lovely romantic voice.

Below is how I take my bath while not having a hot water supply.

Dirty version
Step 1 : Shampoo my hair, wash my feet, wash my ding dongs with cold water.
(Consequences - Headache, peripheral vasoconstriction, shrinkage of...)

Step 2: Wet towel, wipe the remaining uncleaned parts.
(Consequences - Filthy and dissatisfaction)

Clean version
Step 1 : Boil water.
Step 2: Shampoo my hair, wash my cute puffy face.
Step 3: Fill the pail with cold water.
Step 4: Pour hot water mixing with the cold water until warm.
Step 5: Bathe normally.
(Consequences - time consuming, dangerous playing with hot water, headache)

Retard version
Step 1 : Turn on the water.
Step 2: Count 1,2,3....
Step 3: Let's get the party started....Disco dancing.....
(Consequences - hypothermia, shiver)

Of course my priority is the cleaner version. If I get lazy I'll use the dirty method. Usually I'll have one day clean and one day dirty interval.

If I'm running outta time, the retard version is chosen to be performed.

How I hope I'll get a portable heater ASAP.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Recent hatred

I hate when people borrowed my things and never wanna return. Especially my self-made notes. I freakin' worked for my own notes and I was being kind and generous by lending "those who need help" my notes when they asked. I was forced to be generous coz people here would literally say "how selfish" and would think "cheh, you think your notes really that good meh!" if I didn't lend them. My friends would comfort me by telling "let them think what they want, just be yourself" but being kind is myself, I couldn't help it. When my kindness predominates, I usually become generous....and hence giving away my own stuff hoping to help others when they asked. At the same time I was hoping that they would have the courtesy to give back after using it. But guess what happened to me now. When I needed them the most, they're not around. I fell into the "those who need help" category now. I was my damn fault for not remembering and jotting down names of the "notes-loaner", but who friggin' wanna remember their names when they should remember to return after using it. It's easy! The steps are "Go-And-Give-Back". IS IT TOO HARD FOR A HUMAN BEING TO DO THIS?
Lazy to make own notes. Like to borrow others notes. Lazy to return. Like to keep.
Those people are the parasites of the community.

[End of Recent Hatred Post]

So in the mood...

The weather finally turned better. Though it's hot at times but the wind is breezy.
So I was supposed to have my exam on Surgery, but I didn't finish studying it. And since there's another day for doing that exam, I'm saving the exam for later. Now - only concentrate on NEUROLOGY~!
It was another fine day on Urological cycle. We've seen lithotripsy by shockwave. It's like breaking the kidney stones noninvasively under ultrasound control. The patient is laid on the machine with the ears covered. And then the shockcounter began to count the waves produced by a sparkplug, much like the one used in the car just that it's a little bigger in comparison. But in the meantime we did some stupid thing like taking this picture.

Radiation-proof apron? Similar like the butcher's

Anyhoo, ShouZhi, Rose and Nantha went for the Surgery exam and they were in a good mood. So we went to eat pancakes at Blin.Kom ( Right now you must be thinking "Awwww..not again?" or maybe not?) Yeah we went there to have our lunch and also as a reward for those 3 who had taken the exam.

Presenting the "picturesque" view of Volga River

And I never forget to take a manwhore's picture

Plus not forgetting to take picture with roadside Ah Pek

In Blin.Kom. Rose and ShouZhi looked pretty happy and excited

Farah and I started to rip the pancakes apart

And I ordered this - Chocolate Banana Pancake. This pancake is really and still famous amongst our kampung's medical students coz it's sweet and causing endorphin surge. It tasted really choobi (cute).

Was happy to go there again and the next time I go, I'll try a different kind of pancakes. So after eating, Nantha suggested to go shopping in MEGA. Since my last shopping was 2 zillion years ago, I decided to follow.

I was so excited to go shopping. I bought myself a cap and a blue t-shirt writing "Smile When You Are Horny" from the New Yorkers. I stumbled across this lingerie in Peacocks that I thought it was cute.

The name says it all

Queer right? Farah with her Jumbo size blouse, tssk...

Found this cute clothes in Peacocks, thought of buying to my sisters but my younger sister said it's expensive and better not buying it.
Zhi Li, how do you think after my description in SMS? hahaha
And then we tried caps and headband in kampung kia.
I like the cap though........but sadly it's expensive.

It was getting late so we wrapped up with shopping for groceries, if not Nantha and Rose would be skeletons by now. It's not a problem for me and Farah coz we have lots of endogenous rich fat layers. The only problem is........we do feel hungry at times and can eat anything to be psychologically stabilised.
Later that night I cut Azzam's hair and presented my baby 2 beautiful necklaces and pumped the gymnastic ball that I've bought from Auchan for 1 hour *sweat*
It was a fun day but I shouldn't be so happy about it coz I have 3 more exams to go. I should quit being a moron and start studying already.