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Saturday, March 29, 2008

A bad hair day.....

Well it's not as bad as it sounds like. It's just another sunny day with a slightly lower temperature, but it's still cool to me. Like normal days me and my friends took a bus and attend a class in the hospital. It was the last day of the academic rotation for neurology. So everyone in the class was happy. I, Nantha and Farah planned to go for a bowling game while the others had other plans.

We went to a club with bowling centre called "Wizard". It was recommended by Nantha because he said that we could get a student discount using ISIC card. However when we reached there, the counter said that the ISIC card was no longer valid for a discount. We were so disappointed and Nantha got the blame, haha....So I suggested to go to another club with bowling centre near my gym. It's called "Sova" which i think it means "Owl" LOL. No discount was given but at least it's cheaper than the Wizard's which charged for 600 roubles while Sova's charged for 480 roubles.

So we paid for an hour game, which 3 of us managed to bowl for 3 rounds. After bowling, Nantha was rushing us to go back because he was rushed by his "brothers" to go to buy the weekly groceries in a store. While getting ourselves dressed up, Nantha went to the toilet, and I saw there was a condom vending machine there. Since I've never tried buying condoms from a vending machine, so i decided to give it a try.

I put in a note of 50 roubles and press the button for the one i wanted. Down came the condom pack and I showed it to Nantha. He put into his pocket and snatched it away from me. I didn't know about his motive exactly but i think he's so shy to buy a condom pack himself. So he snatched away from me and ran away. I went after him and got him. He told me he'd give me back after his shopping. So I was fine with that.

Not long after reaching the dorm, he called and cried "Kok King, there's nothing inside the box, YOU'VE BEEN CHEATED!!"
Omfg I've been cheated 50 roubles for a box of crap!
I was mentally unstable for a while but i managed to calm myself down.

Lesson learned : Do Not Buy Condoms Via A Vending Machine..........
(if you insist to buy, at least check it before leaving the damned machine!!)