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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Paediatric Surgery

Our Paediatric Surgery Professor Parshikov Vyacheslav Vladimirovich (long intro, phew~) always tells us that "Paediatric Surgery is so easy, you can even put a diagnosis over the phone"

He's a nice man, he never scolded us when we're late to class like other teachers did. Instead, he showed us his gunshooting photos with different guns when we're late to class. KK had received his credit last time so he need not to attend. But he didn't tell us beforehand so Fadzli wrote his name into the list. LOL professor told us that KK would get a photo with bazooka.

He loves to show us photos. He's very good in teaching eventhough he speaks in russian most of the time, but we understood him well. He accepts any questions.

His principles in putting diagnosis are:
1. Have a cup of tea
2. Break the brain and think

He didn't say it but we can figure out that he hates the doctors who say "Maybe this.....maybe that.....(pointing to the roof)" LOL

Paediatric surgery is always surprising, because life is always surprising in a way you wouldn't know what's gonna happen.

Look at these pictures :

(click on them to redirect to the precise description, or click here)

And we are nurtured by our lovely professor. Look how lovely he is.....hekekekeke~


Game night Friday night

Simple night with simple food.
- Fried beehun singapore style
- Tuna sandwiches
- Cinnabon (failure but I loved)
- Potato chips
- Payasam (indian sweet soup with Sagu)
- Different kinda tea

After gluttonizing, we played cards. First we played BlackJack in marking system since out fellow muslim friends can't gamble. Then we played poker but marking system in poker was too boring.

So Uncle Lim figured out a way to gamble without getting money. We used coins, each one getting 10 coins. Whoever got the most coins at last wins.

So we all took part in playing poker.

Nantha was the winner of the first round when he psychologically attacked Rose in the final 2. Rose withdrew from the game, while Nantha had the littlest cards in hands. Rose could have won but she was deceived by Nantha's all-in.

The first person who gone bankrupt was either Rose or Faiz.

Then it nailed down to the final 2, who were Nantha and KK (the 2 gambling ghosts, kaki judi, ngehehehehe...)
After a series of psychological strategizing, KK won the most coins that night. What a kaki judi......ngehehehehe~

Then we wrapped up the night by fortunetelling using cards. It was about love. Ngehehehe childish but fun.

Faiz thought that the cards weren't telling the truth, or maybe he was denial?
However it's just a game, LOOOOOOOL!!!


Snowboarding experience

Last __day (forgot which day and when already, hehe), Yuriy brought me to the Sports Club in Habarskoe (~1 hour away from Nizhny Novgorod) to snowboarding with his girl friend as he promised me since January ))))

This was the first time me snowboarding. I didn't have to rent for snowboard because Yuriy borrowed a snowboard from his friend. I just had to pay for the snowboard lift.
Snowboard/ Ski lift

It's hard to control the board and speed at first since the snow was melting and what left below was ice. After a few attempts I could snowboard as free willy (Not you, Willy)

My ass was frozen and hurt, but the ecstasy kept my spirit burning
This is the scheme of the skiing tracks in Habarskoe. I snowboarded in the long track beside the yellow track.

While I tried to go down to the end of the track, Yuriy told me to walk up to the top and practise again until I mastered everything. I figured why because we've paid for the lift. So I tried to be a good student and walk back up again and glide down and up and down and up and down and...........

Since it was tiring to go up and down the hill, finally I decided to go till the very end so that I could take a break climbing up hill by taking the snowboard lift. I waited for Yuriy to come and tell me how to lift myself up to the top. He prep me up to lift. And then I went up and up and suddenly I tripped down. I was pulled by the lift while laying down on snow while trying to recover.

The lift stopped (I guess someone must have seen be being dragged up, hahaha). I stood up again. Then the lift started again to lift people up. Not long after the first drop down, I tripped again. This time the lift didn't stop. I struggled to recover but failed. I could see that the lift cable became so long because I was still pulling it.

I struggled and failed and decided to get dragged up while laying on the ground. It was kinda embarassing but fun because no one had ever dragged themselves up so far like me. While I was almost to the top, I let go of the lift and walked up the final slope. The 2 men behind me shouted "Уважаю!! Respect!!".

When I reached the top, Yuriy was laughing so hard. He helped me to sweep the snow on my jacket, and both of them told me ---- To come up by using lift is the hardest thing to do here.

What the hell?? LOL I was like -_-"

Now I know why Yuriy asked me to climb up the

Phew.....felt so great to be the clown of the night. Ngahahahaha!!!

Yuriy and TanyaAlign Center

This is Tanya, Yuriy's gf.

And this is Yuriy, the master of snowboard. LOL


How to steal this car?

I stumbled upon a scene where a car was really hard to be stolen away. You can't even break into the car with wire.

What's the trick?

Hehehehehe.....maybe im not a professional thief. LOL


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not going back home, again.

I've not been back home for a year and 7 months. And I'm not planning to go back home again this summer break.
So people always ask :-
"Harrr, you won't go back again ah?"
"You don't miss your family mehhh?"
"Mak kau tak sayang engkau ke?"
"Your family didn't miss you mehh?"
"You don't wanna eat "hao liao" meh?

These are the questions that I've encountered.

My answers :
- Yes I won't go back again. (heeeheee)
- Of course I miss my family la. I have a niece to cuddle one ler.
- My mom sayang me very much and I love her very much too. *smooches
- My family does miss me alot. We webcam chat via Skype. *sweet*
- I wanna..........but I don't wanna.......... *giggles*

Well I flew back home during summer breaks of 2005, 2006, and during winter and summer breaks of 2007. And what did I do while I was in Malaysia?
- Eat
- Laze
- Sleep
- Shopping
- Sometimes exercise (crucial point)
- Go mamak stall and eat with friends
- Drive to places to eat
- Sing with friends in Red Box
- Give free treats to friends

Alot of money was spent for jolly. That's not good. I've got nothing but whole bunch of atherosclerotic plaque sticking on my blood vessel's wall. When there's nothing to do I just sat at home and watched Astro for the whole day. Ask me the tv schedule, I'd know.

So the reason why I don't wanna go home isn't to save money, but to gain experience and be independent (lifestyle-wise, not money-wise *giggles*).

I've been travelling during my first summer not going back home. I've been travelling to some exotic places that not many people have yet travelled to. Being a "pioneer" going to such places feels great!!! However the bottomline was that I've seen things that I couldn't see in Malaysia, experienced a different culture of another country, learnt new languages, and made a bunch of cool new friends from all over the world.

Back then, return tickets Malaysia-Russia was around RM3400. Shopping for food, clothes etc costs about RM 1000. Shipping food by ship costs around RM300 (for 3 parcels). Shopping and singing karaoke with friends cost for a total of RM1000 (for the whole holidays). Gas and toll fees cost around RM300 (for the whole holidays). Eating at mamak stalls, treating people food etc tralalala for RM200.

Sum up = RM6200 per once return to Malaysia.

That was then. Now I prefer to stay back here, plan a budget trip around Europe and travel. I'd better off use the money for a good backpacking travel. I've met different friends from different places with different characteristics. Some even offered for a free stay. A jumbo money save!

I'm a grown up, I don't cry over missing family because we're linked by the latest web technologies which make all things almost possible (except body contact).

However this is my way of thinking.

I've heard some students boiled and cried over summer practicals which will be carried out here, in Russia! Being entrusted to provide the "same" methods and teachings as what they (well, we..) can learn back in Malaysia.

I don't wanna......

I wasn't so affected as much, since I've decided to stay back here.

For this I laugh at them - ~HAHAHAHAHA~ *cough cough*

I am so bad....ngehehehehe.

The practicals here are not bad actually. At least you can tell what we did in hospitals when we're doctors in the future. I'm sure someone will ask :-

"Doctor, last time what did u do in hospital?"
-"Errr....I don't know ler, I only go to hospital when there is class. And we ask ask him, touch touch him, play play him *oops* and then write a report lo"

"Then what you do when u are free ah?"
-"I go home and sleep and study lo. Sometimes I go out eat eat in restaurant when got money. If no money ma go back cook and sleep and study lo. When nothing to cook liao, I ma go shopping for groceries lo. Sometimes play masak-masak with friends in hostel lo. Sometimes play play games lo"

"Yerrr doctor, your student life so sien one."
-"What to do ler? I lived in Russia maaa......~"

Yeah yeah.....blame Russia all the way. You will always live in despair.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Speaking English with the Russians.

On Friday, I received an SMS from Victor. He invited me to attend a meeting of his English lesson on Saturday and asked me to bring someone there. I've no one but Ieja to ask for accompaniment.

The place's situated not that far from the hostel so walking was great as the weather was so awesome. Victor and Kate were waiting for us at the entrance of Orbita. It's been such a long time since I last met him. I gave him a fridge magnet that I promised to buy him while I was in Warsaw.

We went up to the class and got acquainted with Katya (the boss of the club) and 6 more russians. 2 girls 4 guys, and this one guy who could speak a great English looked like Kid Rock!!! His name was Sevlovlad or Sevdovlad something close enough in between. The moniker was Seva. The other 5 I couldn't remember the name as they're sitting far away from me.

There were some topic to discuss in the lesson and we're guests of the day. We wrote greeting words on a card on behalf of St Valentine's Day. Ieja's greeting card was selected as one of the best (there were 2 best cards). I wrote "Because LOVE always prevails, two hearts should be joined together" with an arrow joining 2 hearts. I'm such a cupid! Victor drew out my card and he thought it's the best. Thanks Victor!

It was fun to know that there're still some russians who have passion for English. It's a great Saturday.

Kid Rock's on the first from the left, beside Ieja. Victor and Kate were on the right.