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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Winter trip : Poznan

Ostrow Tumski - Cathedral (yep, it's called that simply)

Ostrow Tumski - Church of Our Lady

Poznan Town Hall

The Town Hall with inscription on its wall. A great sight.

Poznan is a city in west-central Poland with over 567,882 inhabitants (2006). Located on the Warta River, it is one of the oldest cities in Poland, making it an important historical centre and a vibrant centre of trade, industry, and education. PoznaƄ is Poland's fifth largest city and fourth biggest industrial centre. It is also the administrative capital of the Greater Poland Voivodeship.

We stopped by Poznan for 6 hours before our trip to Gdansk.
Why Poznan? It's not famous at all?

Answer : Because my friend, Rafal was from there and Candice wanted to go there so bad because the Renaissance architecture is just stunningly beautiful. Just look at the Old Town. It's quiet because it's winter, people always find shelter for warmth.

So we didn't end up with meeting Rafal because he had an exam in Berlin to be attended. We also didn't have enough time to explore the whole city of Poznan. We only made it to the Old Town and the Ostrow Tumski. The Ostrow Tumski was huge and time wasn't sufficient to walk around. It was almost time to board the train so we rushed back to the Railway Station. On the way back to the Railway Station, we saw some really cool palace-like buildings and beautiful monuments but unfortunately, time was running out.

On train we met with Wojtek, who's a medical student in Gdansk. He was back to Poznan for study week. The next day was his exam on Chemistry. But we chatted the whole night with pauses in between for him to study and smoke. LOL. A nice guy and a cheeky one.

Next destination : Gdansk


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Winter trip : Wroclaw

That's where I bought gloves and cap.
Leprechaun performing pole dance

Even Bata was there (It's an Italian brand though~)

My favourite store : H&M

The road to the old town(ul. Swidnicka), that's where all the stores were situated~


Pierre Cardin



KFC - almost 2 days we've been eating because we're living just above it LOL.

Restaurant Jadka, the only world class we've been to.

...and we ordered this "Pierogi" with duck meat, *slurp~*

Ostrov Tumski - Island of Churches

Another kind of Pierogi but it's with cottage cheese, urgh~

Old Town

Town Hall - rear view

Town Hall - anterior view

in KFC, hihi~~~

Wroclaw was built on 12 islands, surrounded by rivers and canals. There are 127 bridges within the city and only Venice, Amsterdam and St Petersburg can beat. Wroclaw is certainly not in the list of many people while visiting Poland, but it's worthwhile to explore around, especially the Ostrov Tumski (Island of Churches).

The weather was moderately windy and cold, but it didn't stop us from going around the beautiful city. We arrived the city at 1 am and there's no one to ask for direction. Luckily we hailed a taxi which refused to give us a ride because the place we're staying was just of walking distance. A kind man he was.

We stayed in Nathan's Villa which was on top of KFC. It's amongst one of the best hostel I've slept in.

It's the first city that we splurged because things were sooooooooooooo cheap!!! That's where I started my shopping spree~

Some say that if Krakow would be the 2nd Prague, then Wroclaw would be the 2nd Krakow. But personally, I count them backwards. Wroclaw-Krakow-Prague :):):):):)