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Friday, May 30, 2008

A Kochi Day

It was a better day compared with few days ago. All I did in class was practically merely like this....

Yeah just like this.....

Today we observed an operation of Resection of Tumor in Urinary Bladder with Muscle Invasion to the Abdominal Wall & Implantation of an Artificial Urinary Bladder made from a segment of Sigmoid Colon.

Sounds big right?

Well it is........

The patient has got this big tumor in his urinary bladder and it was tightly attached to the abdominal wall. The operation was performed for almost 5 hours and the size of the tumor big grape-fruit. HAHA. I was so impressed with my teacher who's a head of the Urological Department 1. He made an artificial bladder from the sigmoid colon (one part of your gut which is about 20cm above the part which u called "asshole"). He might look silly and crazy, but he's a real competent surgeon ( but i think he has some anger issue and needs its management, tssk...).

So enough about my "seeing dicks and pussies" day in Urological Hospital.

After coming back from the hospital, I had to go to the Russian Department to hand out the project of my group. It's a short movie clip and I'm not gonna tell anything further about it but you can read about the actors and actresses in my group's blog. It's for the "Avtomat" which is "get exempted from the exam". Oh how I wish me and other groupmates will get it...............

Anyway, after giving the project to the teacher, I stayed and watched the presentations + movie clips prepared by the groups of the 5th course students. The first few clips were okay, but after the 3rd presentation it started to bore me to death. I went away after the 6th or 7th presentation because it was an ORDEAL!

But the last movie of the day was really funny and interesting. Kudos to all the actors who have done a really nice piece of work.

Do you still remember about pancakes Blin.Kom that I've mentioned in my previous post?

Yeah I went there after that with my girlfriend. We were so hungry that each one of us could swallow 2 elephants (too much of exaggeration eh?). So after a romantic walk in the park, I suggested to bring her to Blin.Kom.

This is it~ The place which could have made Nantha's day brighter rather than eating 2 shitty pieces of pancakes with Honey in McD, ngehehehehe......It looked small and underground but it offered a wide variety of pancakes in a small counter like this.......

The pancakes were made instantly with your order and they're served in various sauces, for instance sour milk, honey, jam, butter, condensed milk, chocolate sauce etc. One pancake was big and inexpensive. The one with condensed milk cost only for 35 roubles, while the one with filling inside (ham + tomatoes, chicken + kidney beans, beef + kidney beans, chocolate banana bla bla bla) cost for a mere 45 - 65 roubles.

So much cheaper and worthier than the pancakes sold in McD. Like those that Nantha ordered. Yes he ordered the pancakes in McD. In McD. Pancakes with honey. 2 pieces for 61 roubles. In McD.

*I should probably stop with the banter by now ngehehe*

Looks disgusting but it's really tasty, yum yum~!

Let's see what this hungry customer has to say about :-

(Miss, how do you think about the pancakes?)

What more can I say than "SCRUMPTIOUS"?

Okay Im'ma leave you alone, I have an important yummy thing to do


Nyehehehe.....above is just a monologue my crazy-self talking inside of me.

I'm going there again.

And probably go and try this cafe.......

Stumbled across this cafe on our way to the bus stop on Pokrovskaya Street - The PentHouse.

Looked nice with 2 cats on its logo.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meaningless morning

It's zachet day for Surgical rotation. Surgical tutorials started from 20th of May till 28th of May (9 days - 2 days of weekend). In these 7 days, only we've discussed about 1 topic - Venous Insufficiency and Varicose Vein.

In the other 5 days, we were as lazy as 7 fat pythons having long breaks in class while the teacher was doing an operation in the surgical theatre. We were practically just preparing for exam on Obstetrics. But it's better than observing surgical operations and standing aside looking at the surgeon's backside, though one of my groupmates had the chance assisting in another operation as a "blood-sucker".

*Zachet day (зачёт=credit) is the last day of the class and a signature of your teacher is put in your zachet book (зачётная книжка)*

So why meaningless?

- Woke up 07:30, off to the hospital

- Had our zachet books signed

- Ate breakfast in McD (again)

- Took a bus and went home

So we went to sign shit like this!!!

There goes my sleep.....again!!!

I should have asked one of them to bring my zachet for the teacher to sign.

Like our Faiz Najmi.

Sien, so blog ends here. I go and sleep first.

最堵懒就是必须醒来做懒叫东西。。。。。很 beh ki~


Monday, May 26, 2008

Is this somekind of practical joke?

[26th May 2008, Monday. Wet.]
Surgical class was said to be conducted by a teacher by the name "Rizhov" because our teacher of Surgery, Sergey Andreevich Vasenin had to attend some conferences in Moscow. So we had to go to GUVD hospital instead of Vodnaya hospital.

07:30 - Woke up reluctantly, cleaned my filthy oral cavity, made my hair.
07:45 - Waiting for the others to come.
08:05 - Waiting for bus
08:15 - Bus arrived, off we go~
08:30- Reached Gorky Square, walked to the hospital under the drizzle.
08:40 - Reached hospital, changed and sat on a bench talking crap.
08:50 - Rose arrived coz she woke up late.
08:55 - One tall guy in a green scrub and a lab coat approached us and said:
"You are 3rd year or 4th year students ?" - In Russian
*4th year - We answered*
"Please wait here......" - In English
"......I'll come back soon" - In Russian
09:00 - Waiting and waiting and saw Xiang Bin got out from Avdonin's room after her exam. Nattered with her for a while and keep waiting.
09:15 - Saw Norleen came out from the Avdonin's room. Talked a bit with her.
09:20 - Avdonin came out and asked us who's our teacher. We told him "Rizhov" and he gave us a few topics and said :
"Your class will be ended on Wednesday, right?"
"Yes....." *nod nod*
"You can have your exam on Surgery on Wednesday, you must prepare all materials from 1st semester to 2nd semester"
"Noooo....!~ We can't prepare all in 2 days time....It's a nightmare to us, can we do it on the next Monday?"
"As you wish, I'm just saying. I'll be free starting from 29th of May and you can do your exam with me in anytime."
"Now you may be free, you can go home..."
*Stunned, thinking "WTH!!??" *
And hence we wasted the return tickets back from Slumberworld to Realworld.
Nevertheless after that we planned to go to Blin.Kom to eat some pancakes which Nantha strongly disagreed but got dragged there somehow. By the time we reached there, it was still closed and will be opened only at 10:00. Nantha was really really happy and I was really really disappointed. So 4 of us went to McDonalds where Nantha suggested at first, this explained why he was so happy.
We went into McDonalds and only McBreakfast was available. The good thing, for me was that the McBreakfast menu was Burgers with Pork. Ngehehehe. So I ordered McFresh with egg and pork. So did Rose and Shouzhi.
Unfortunately to Nantha's sorrow, there was nothing he could eat since he's a non-pork eater. Running outta idea what to eat, stumbled there looking at the menu, finally he ordered something something that caught my attention.

I ate a pork+egg McFresh

They ate pork+egg McFresh too!

But he could only eat 2 small pieces of pancakes

Yes 2 degrading pieces of pancakes, ngahahaha!!!

And that's not all............Look at the price!!!!!!!

61 roubles/7.5 = RM8!!!!!

(БЛИНЫ = pancakes)

The other 51 roubles was for a cup of Latte

Ngahahahaha.....he's destined to eat pancakes after all. And he must be really mad inside coz if we have had eaten in Blin.Kom, the cheapest and very tasty pancakes with filling inside would cost around 41 roubles. Innit so much worth it?? HAHAHAHAHA

Lesson learned : I'm not misleading! I was right when i said should go Blin.Kom


Sunday, May 25, 2008

I realised......

Recently I've read my little sister's blog and she wrote an entry about an outing with our beloved mama. I've never seen them this close before!! My siblings brought her to Secret Recipe for high tea. My dad and brother-in-law didn't make it to the high tea because they were having a business trip in Thailand. (It's a serious business trip, don't get it twisted!) It's kinda shocking when I read about mama liking some chocolate high fibre cake. Why shocked? Because mama has always abidden by the low-fat diet program. HAHA!! Seems like the ladies in the house have something in common after all. Or shall I say, mama is still as young and sporting as a teenager ))))!!!

My lil' sis posted a picture of 2 mothers : -

From left : Eldest sis, mama

Eldest sister has just undergone conception for 4 months now. This soon-to-be mother has got alot to learn from the sexy mama in red T. Mama has been the greatest mom ever.(This is my mom la of course) She raised 5 little ruscals and tamed them well. I say "tamed" because we're very wild when we're young. She has a lovely voice when she sings. That explained how I got my sweet voice from, ngehehehehe....

Anyway I'm not gonna go deeper into my darkest and inglorious history, hehe.

So, yeah I saw this picture and smiled, feeling gay and merry and happy and sweet and like home~~~~

I wished I could be there together with them.

I wished I could laugh with them.

I wished I could join their girl's talkie.

I wished I could share my love with them.

I wished I could do alot more things together with them.

I'm jealous. I envy the happy times they spent together.

I'm jealous. I couldn't eat in Secret Recipe with them. (Because I don't need to pay *cheapskate*)

I'm jealous. I couldn't give mama a kiss. (A kiss from me is really hard to obtain)

I'm jealous. I stayed so far from them.

I'm jealous. They're so close.

And now,

I realised....


I'm homesick.

I realised....


I miss my home, my family.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

An obstetrical prank!!

We're so punk'd!!!

Who said the exam would be at 1pm????!!!

After all the adrenaline rush for the whole night, all we got was a prank.

HAHAHA......yeah im doing it on Sunday with Ms TatiV~~

Am I allowed to do it on Sunday with her???

I hope I am........

Let's see how my fellow colleagues say anything about this prank.

Uncle Lim : Sigh~ Why like this?? Grrrr....

Nantha : Fuck!

Rose : Who said it's on 1pm?? Hell I'm so not in the mood now!

Efenem : Not confirmed? Don't tell....but I'm feeling marvellous!!

Fastly : ...............

Life is delicious!!!!

Like my "poor season" menu : Chicken Congee

Last but not least, presenting the most astonishing moment when we were on our way to the bus stop in the rainy day.

Can't really tell whether it's a dog or a cat though, it was in the middle of the road. I risked my life for this picture. Note the intestines coming out from the backside, ngehehehe........

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My brain's gender is..........

Your Brain is

40% Female; 60% Male

You have a total boy brain
Logical and detailed, you tend to look at the facts
And while your emotions do sway you sometimes...
You never like to get feelings too involved
What Gender Is Your Brain?

How Do You Think??


An Honest Survey....

1. Honestly, what color is your underwear?
** Now ah....white with red band lo. Cheap cheap one....

2. Honestly, whats on your mind right now?
** Why am I doing this?? Honestly, I don't know.....

3. Honestly, what are you doing right now?
** Answering this as honest as I can. Yup yup, pretty much the same answer like Dyana's....

4. Honestly, what did you do today?
** Went to surgery class, watched an operation on removing hemangioma of liver, talking about blogging in class with my kepoh groupmates(we even came out with the idea of a group blog where we groupmates can update about anything), getting my head in studying Obstetrics.

5. Honestly, do you think you are attractive?
** Honestly…I think I am, people are attracted to my size and my actions. They must be thinking that I'm an imbecile, ngehehehe like Peter Griffin.

6. Honestly, have you done something bad today?
** Yes...eating much today...nganganganga.....

7. Honestly, do you watch disney channel?
** No tv la, no disney channel la, mama unsubscribed already!!

8. Honestly, are you jealous of someone right now?
** Jealous of those who had done Obstetrical exam already, @#$)(*(!

9. Honestly, what makes you happy most of the time?
** Good compliments.

10. Honestly, do you bite your nails?
** Yes, I do, like a paranoid psycho.
11. Honestly, what is your mood right now?
** Tired and tensed.

12. Honestly, have you had an eating disorder?
** Eating much yes, eating less no....either way, I guess I must admit I have.

13. Honestly, do you want to see someone this very minute?
** Honestly, I wanna see God!!!

14. Honestly, do you have a deep dark secret?
** Everybody has a skeleton in their closet.

16. Honestly, do you hate someone right now?
** Now no.....

17. Honestly, who/what do you want to hug right now?
** Papa and Mama.....Muaks

18. Honestly, do your friends like u?
** Im not sure, I feel uncertain right now. Ask them lar....

19. Honestly, are you in denial?
** in denial of what???

20. Honestly, wouldn’t you rather be having sex right now?
** I can't be honest in this.....ngehehehe

21. Honestly, who is your best friend?
** Candice, Group 431-A'08

22. Honestly, have you ever consumed drugs?
** Yes in a legal dosage.
23. Honestly, do you like someone?
** Yes.

24. Honestly, does anyone like you?
** What the...I don't know.....confused. Maybe yes maybe no, it depends....

25. Honestly, is it going anywhere with them?
** Like normal....nothing more than that.

26. Honestly, did you answer all these questions honestly?
** Yes, but if I didn't, what would you do?? HAHAHA

Monday, May 19, 2008

Finally it's over....

I saw so many people blogged about the Nizhny Games, so i decided to come here and kepoh when I should be reading and preparing for the Obstetrics exam. But what the hell, taking a break doesn't kill.

In my previous entry, I wrote about "Awaiting for the unexpectedness". Well I must say that everything turned out fine and smooth after all.

The highest authorities had done great job running the whole program.

The dancers executed their routines perfectly (except me though, hehe)

The cheerleaders were hot!!!

The choir team sang a lovely "Setia".

The deco-team had colored up the dead old sports hall.

The MCs had conducted the opening and closing ceremonies flawlessly.

And Svetlana Valerevna had delivered a closing speech in Bahasa Malaysia and the pronounciation was somehow better than some of the Malaysians. It was touching to me coz it's not easy for a Russian to remember Bahasa Malaysia. Before we headed back to hostel, she wished us "Jumpa Lagi"

Kudos to Svetlana Valerevna!!!

On behalf of all students, I salute all who had thrown every single effort and sweat to make this event happening.

I am so proud of myself, not because I performed the dance routine, but I had done my best, gave out my all, and also my sweet kiddy voice and cheered as loud as possible to support our Nizhny Team. And I've been doing this for 3 days nonstop. I finally lost my voice now, temporarily of course!!

It's kinda surprising to see some other Nizhnians didn't cheer at all for our own teams while the players were trying to defeat their opponents. So I was kinda disappointed and frustrated seeing them. Grrrr......
The reason why I was frustrated was because apparently, we're the organizer of the event and yet there were so few of Nizhnians there to support our great players. Other universities had sent most probably 1 or 2 buses of representatives (say, max 100 people) but they could yelled like there's no tomorrow for 3 days. We have 360+ students here but most didn't go and be supportive.

"Ah I takde suara la"

"You yell la I follow"
"NIZHNY GO GO!", I yelled.
"nizhny go go!", they yelled.

What the hell????? *blow up*

I was the one looking like a fool in front of them, running here and there and raising our flag, and yelling like paranoid person. What did I do that for? To support our players so that they know that we're supporting them and keep on playing like champs.

If I was out there playing, with just "nizhny go go" supporting me, I'd break up all my fighting spirit into pieces and let my opponent win, because obviously your own ally didn't think that you would win the match.

But anyway, as long as I've done my part, that's enough. I'm just here to whine and bitch about the unsupportive people.

Sorry ya, don't get offended.

But I really meant it.....hehe.

So we finally got 2nd place overall. With just a mere 2 golds, but this was a big step up for us. We're gonna train harder and harder to get 1st place. I hope but I think we can't, why not right??

Look out M1, M2, VSMU, KSMU and MAI, we're coming back for more gold medals and to kick ass.

Don't kick my ass here la, coz I'm just being supportive to my own team, hehe.

The Kstovo "Sambo" Sports Complex

The Megastructure of the sports complex.
Now, some pictures featuring "humans".........
Opening Ceremony with contingents past.
Hip Hop dance of "Get Up". Spot me or not???

Last but not least, a photograph with the noted National Volleyball Player,
Alex Lye.
Girls were so crazy about him and fighting for taking photograph with him.
I got it.....jeh jeh, you got it or not??