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Thursday, August 28, 2008

5th course timetable and a bad hair day

This is the timetable for 5th course's students. Summer break is coming to an end, everyone is getting ready to send their asses back here dance in hell~!

After all these years, I thought Russia is getting better in the sense that the living condition is better, the people are changing their manners from Soviet times to a modern one. Yes, they have prettier buildings and better infrastructures, but the manners of Russians are still the same.

Today Wei Shyuan and I went to collect our results of HIV test. There's this quite senile security guard, which was supposed to keep the place in secure, on the other hand collecting the receipt of payment to get the results. Oh he's like such a boss, calling people's names and asked them to leave after taking the results..........right!

That's Russia.

Another mind sickening stuff is while Wei Shyuan and I were on the bus, we were talking. Of course we were talking in our OWN language instead of their language. We're talking and talking and talking and then this sick fuck Russian who's sitting in front of me turned and shouted at us.

"Can you shut up? You're not the only one who's on this bus!!"

In my my face.....shouting in my face. I didn't see anyone shouting like so to us while we're travelling across the european countries. None, I tell you....None!!!

After arriving at the stop, while waiting for the door to open, I glared at him for a while before getting down. He didn't look up. Maybe he just didn't wanna see us around. So I think the glare was wasted or maybe I was described in Dima Bilan's song "Never, never let you go" which he sang "Ardent look but no heat......."

I so wanna scold him back but my Russian sucks by the way.

I was kinda supporting the Russian contingent in the Olympics but now, this one sick fuck person made me hate the fact that I'm studying in Russia, again.

Вперед, Россия......meaning "Go forward, Russia"


This is from Bush!!!!

!!!!!!!!AND THIS IS FROM ME!!!!!!!!

p.s : To my Russian friends who like foreigners, you're different. At least you made the effort to getting acquainted with us. Don't feel offended if you didn't do so.

BUT IF YOU DID.......................then burn in hell~ HAHAHAHA


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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Fountains of the Gold

There's nothing else more attractive than the Summer Palace of Peter the Great in Peterhof. Peterhof is situated on the shore of the Gulf of Finland but it smells just like Gurney Drive in Penang. The shore has nothing else more significant than the rubbish floating like boats in the sea. But yet some Russians didn't care and bathed themselves there. I bet they smell like hobos.

Anyways back to the description. Peterhof has a series of palaces and gardens, laid out on the orders of Peter the Great, and it's sometimes called the "Russian Versailles". It's a UNESCO World Heritage site too. It must be coz it's magnificent!!!

There are 2 main gardens in Peterhof, The Upper and The Lower.

The Upper one has a few fountains with different figures. It was originally a place where people grew plants and the ponds were for fish.

The fountains in the Lower Garden were not installed during Peter's time and the sea channel was for ships to enter to the complex.

The Grand Palace wasn't so big as it is nowadays. The additions of wings of the Palace were under the order of Elizabeth of Russia, Peter's daughter.

Forget about the history, just look at the place. It blew me away at the time I stood in front of the entrance. Though it was hot, but the water droplets cooled us down.

There were only 3 restaurants at the Lower Garden. The cheapest restaurant wasn't so cheap. I hope you get what I mean.

Intrigue for the golden fountains?

Check out in


What a HUGE thing!!!

The day started pretty well, I woke up at 4pm (Oops...hehe!!) and Wei Shyuan asked me if I wanted to go to MEGA or not. And since it's been a long time since I last met with Han Sin (she just arrived the night before), I decided to go and to update myself about the conditions over there.

We took off at 5pm. The first thing we did was to fill up our hungry tummies. So as our stereotypical lives go, we chose to eat the Swedish meatballs at IKEA. The price - not good. Instead of 79p for 10 freaking balls, it went up until 119p for 10. How very pleasant!! And I, being the neediest person in the group got stunned. However I still went for it (because that's the cheapest stuff we can get) and I also took a piece of apple pie (hehehe....)

We're so testy about it! Han Sin even told us "This is my last time eating here!"

After eating we went to Auchan for some groceries shopping. Queue was long and normal as always.

I went to the toilet for some tiny business and I was astonished by 2 "giants of the little things". They're disgusting I know but just hold yourself and take a look at them.
Warning : You have to finish your food before looking coz I don't want u to waste your food. Like my mom always says "Do you know how poor the african people are that they can't afford food?"

















This guy sure has a really big anus. He must be sodomized by one of our politician.
I tried to flush the thing down for 3 times and it just didn't work.
And after seeing this, I lost interest in eating at the place where Shou Zhi brought Xiang Yun to. Here's the blog about the little place that he hoo-hah-ed about in his blog. HAHAHAHA.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Journey to the kingdom of the Great Tsars

Nowhere in Russia is more famous than the beautiful, europeanized city situated at the Gulf of Finland, the place where Peter the Great once roared - St. Petersburg (SPB).

So, Emmy, Wei Shyuan and I planned to go there. We rode on a train which took about 14 hours to reach SPB. The train was quite comfortable. It started quite hot in the evening, and thanks to me, the night got really cold coz I opened the window due to the heat in the evening. So 3 of us and a Russian businessman, Oleg curled up underneath the warm blanket. Then finally I couldn't take it anymore, so I stood up and shutted the window. I thought I've shutted it tight, but actually I didn't. The window was really hard to operate! So after a few hours, I woke up again and tried to shut it again. This time I succeeded. Oleg didn't feel the cold I guess coz he slept soundly though the wind was blowing right straight in his face, which I found really amazing.

Anyways...after 14 hours of train ride, we finally arrived at the railway station in St. Petersburg. The first thing I did was looking for a shop to get a map of SPB. The next thing was to look for the hostel we've booked. I thought the hostel was pretty close to the Metro station but it wasn't. Luckily we didn't walk all the way to the hostel. It was about 5 km from the Metro station. So we checked into the room. The bed I got was as hard as a rock. It wasn't really comfy to sleep on.

We went out for sight seeing right after checking in the hostel. The first stop was the Hermitage. Unfortunately the queue was too long so we went to the Peter and Paul Fortress which is on the Zayets Island (Rabbit Island) which was situated opposite the Hermitage. Anyways I should tell a little about the Hermitage first since that I've mentioned it. The Hermitage can find all info about it HERE. (Oh I'm so lazy...) Well honestly, it's just seeing paintings, as in lots of paintings and also some splendid interior designs of each room in the Hermitage. It's just like window shopping, except that you can't touch anything inside. I guess this would be particularly a benefit for girls who like shopping, also for guys who love shopping. I mean shopping which one goes shopping from one shop to another in a zigzag pattern, and then zigzag back to the first shop. Or from the ground floor to the top floor, then from the top to the bottom.

Note that the queue was so freakin' long. Imagine the first day we got there. The queue was even longer that it reached out from the gate of the Winter Palace. We went on the 2nd day and the queue was still long as displayed in the pic. We waited about 1 hour just to reach the entrance of the Winter Palace.

There were little things that caught my attention during the excursion

And also I couldn't hold myself back from shooting some ridiculous pics

Note : I was trying to snap his little brother but this didn't show ((

Okay enough about the Hermitage. Next stop - The Peter and Paul Fortress. It's apparently a fortress and a museum with a Cathedral of the Saint Apostles Peter and Paul which housed the tomb of the Tsar family but sadly the last Tsar, Nicholas II wasn't there. He and his family was shot dead in Ekaterinburg, and some said that his daughter, Anastasia managed to escape. That's why we have the Walt Disney cartoon "Anastasia".

The tombs were made up of marbles and the interior of the Cathedral was beautiful. Actually it didn't seem like a cto me. It seemed more like a cemetery, but they still called it Cathedral of the Saint Apostles Peter and Paul.

The museum on the other hand exhibited the civilisation of Neva. After the museum, we went on a boat trip on Neva river. Pretty boring though captured alot of pictures.

After that we went around the town for sight seeing.....

We went around the town for quite a long time, then we decided to go and wait for one of the Neva bridges to be lifted up. It was so freakin' cold that night and we were waiting there for 2 hours for the freakin' bridge to be raised this is it :

Then we took a taxi back to the hostel and Henri was already in the room. He told us about his day activities and he also waited for the bridge. He said he encountered the Russian Mafia while coming back home. HAHA. Then he gave me a treat of his classic "Finnish candy", which was apparently a piece of black rubbery jelly thingy that tasted like a piece of rubber. I bit a little and then couldn't continue anymore. Then Wei Shyuan came in from shower and I suggested to let her try. She actually liked it!! Then Emmy too came in and we gave it to her as well. Emmy, who had a great crush on Henri pretended like she liked the candy so much and requested for the whole packet of candy as a gift. So Henri gave a NEW packet of candy generously to her. I quickly changed the new one with the old one. I didn't know if it's right, but it's actually not really nice to take things from someone for granted. Then he encouraged me to finish the candy. I chewed the candy reluctantly and then swallowed with water like swallowing pills, hehe. Here's how the candy looked like :

For more pictures, feel free to go to


Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm Back!!!

Hey people I'm back. seems like ages ago since i last wrote a blog.

Ok reasons why I didn't update my blog was :

1. I was travelling around the Baltic States, Poland and Berlin where Hitler killed himself in his bunker. This travel lasted 19 days, freakin' sweet but exhausting.

2. There's nothing to blog about before my travel. I was just being a pig, also had to go for the summer practical training. Well, it might be interesting to blog about Cesarian section and delivering babies....hmmmmm next time maybe~

3. I had a playmate - a cat, Jasmine and friends' cat. They asked me a favor to take care of their cat, so I agreed to take over the parenting job. I never liked cats but as time passed, I found out that this cat is pretty good. When I'm here, she never bothers. When I've gone out, she meows so loud that I can hear from the elevator.

I think that's all......what else huh? I guess nothing else.....well I think I was giving excuses. I figured that the main reason I didn't blog was laziness. Ngehehehehe.

Well photos of my travel can be found here on

I hope you like it.......

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just a little update....

I'm on my Baltic travel from 28th of July til 15th of August.
Having too less time to blog (which I was and still am) there might not be any blogging in this period of time.
My travel blog will be updated soon.
So, be intrigued...