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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Chinese Bovine New wishes for -

Gong Xi Fai Chai (恭喜发财)
"To get more income" NOT "income tax"
- to papa

Qing Chun Mei Li (青春美丽)
"Stay young and pretty outside-in" NOT "ugly inside-out"
- to mama, dajie, erjie, zhili

Xue Ye Meng Jin (学业猛进)
"To improve in studies" NOT "gaming"
- to koknen

Wan Shi Ru Yi (万事如意)
"Million wishes granted as hoped" ONLY "good ones"
Shen Xin Jian Kang (身心健康)
"Healthy body and mind" NOT "dirty"
He Jia Ping An (合家平安)
"Prosperity in family" NOT "preposterous"
- to all my friends and relatives

Nian Nian De Wu (年年得五)
"Get 5 every year in exams" NOT "repeat year"
- to all fellow friends and juniors

There are so many people I wanna send these wishes to, but sending in greeting cards will take forever to reach your doorstep.

If you felt that the wishes above weren't enough, private text me and I'd give more and more and more, 2 dollars per wish. *wink wink*

Hereby, from the bottom of the bottom of my heart, I wish you guys a Happy Bovine Year 2009. Just don't be as stubborn and furious like an ox, rather be hardworking and relax as the buffaloes working in the paddy field.


Thursday, January 22, 2009


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Broken hopes?'s just the expansion of hopes, sharing with the others in a colorful way~

A tree, isn't it obvious?

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Nothing special....Shot this tree during Traumatology Cycle. Plus some tinting on the sky and some warming effect.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Friday, January 16, 2009


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

It's time for a change....... the wardrobe!!!!!!
It was a fine Thursday morning when me and Ah Sa went to Fantastika for a grand shopping.
As everyone was saying about the fantastic Fantastikish sales there, so I decided to go to shop for myself......

First we went to.....................................................

...............cut long story short, I spent almost ~2500 roubles there.

Items that I've bought :

- a cardigan from C & A

- a pair of gloves from C & A

- a jeep cap also from C & A

(cuz some say that C & A stands for "cheap and affordable")

- a scarf from Reserved

- 2 pairs of boxers from Reserved

- 2 pairs of boxers from New Yorkers(Smog)

I know you might question yourself : -
"What do the boxers have to do with me?"
"Duh~ It's none of my business."
But this is my blog~
Bite me........HaHaHaHa *evil grin*

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A day to the Frozen Gorky Sea

The dream to go to Gorky Sea has finally come true. Sergey brought me, Alexey, Max and his precious Thai friend tum tum tum Tum there in the fine afternoon.

After picking up Alexey from his place, we began our journey to some place I call far, but they call it close (coz Nizhny is a freakin' big city)

Here we go, down the hill and river....

The weather was perfect, not too snowy. Just perfect to shoot pictures. And that's my native motive for being there in the trip.

As usual, they had to stop for a cigarette break. I saw a ray of a "snow-bow" (not to be confused with "rainbow") in the sky above the vast wasteland. So I told Sergey about it and he decided to pull over for me to snap the picture of that snowbow (also a chance for him to get himself pumped up with some nicotine in the lungs).

Do you note the snowbow on the left upper corner and Max on the right lower corner?

So after freezing myself taking a few shots of the scene together with them finishing their boost, we continued heading to our destination.

Here we go again~

So after a long journey, maybe x hours, we reached the city Городец (Gorodets). It's a friendly place, not too large as it seems to be and not as happening as in Nizhny Novgorod. Anyways, it owns the biggest attraction amongst Nizhnians - the Gorky Sea.

Sounds salty?

No not really. It's just a part of the Volga River but was cutted off by a dam to make as a water reservoir and also to prevent flood (so smart of me to have think like this without researching, hehehe).

It's so enormous and it did look like a sea to me. Just that it's all frozen up and the fishermen were drilling holes into the icey frozen water to fish.

You may see 2 fishermen fishing.
So I shot some photos, which I think were nice ones. See for yourself.....
So Tum got to try fishing with the short fishing rod, in the center of the Sea. How I'm jealous...haha!
So after faking out to be fishing, we went back to the shore. And took some pictures for memory.
I also took a picture of myself, STANDING ON THE FROZEN RIVER. It's worth a shot because after watching how Naruto standing on water, I'd like to try just that I'm no ninja.
See??? Cool aye???
After a short while on the river, we vroomed to the center of the city to a cafe to grab something to eat. We also visited a souvenir shop which sold almost all kinds of Russian souvenirs and their very own Пряний (Pryaniy). It's a cookie with all kinds of shapes and I got myself a teddy bear one. Ngehehehe.
And then we departed to a higher place - The Dam.
By the time we were there, the sun was setting and all things looked lovely, even this shot. We drove uphill along the river and guess what happend next?
Sergey, Alexey and Max went smoking again. But it was all good. I've taken a few nice shots while they were smoking. But something fishy though~ While I was trying to capture this photo -------

-----the policeman came and asked why did I try to make picture and banned me from shooting it. I wondered why. I tried to capture it behind Sergey and Alexey but I was again restricted from taking it. Sergey told me that it was some strategy thing to the police and he didn't want to have any problems with them. Instead he asked me to go into the car, scrape down the iced fog on the window to capture from the window.
Did what he told though. But when we're leaving, I managed to capture it.
That marked our journey to the Gorky Sea. We waved goodbye (in our fantasy) to Gorodets and went back to Nizhny Novgorod.
Bye bye.....
Even the sun left without a trace.

It's a long tiring day in the car after travelling 220km away from Nizhny Novgorod, but it's all worth it. It's also a great time to spend with Sergey before his departure to Thailand together with Tum. I'll sure miss him.

More photos at my picasa web album.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

The song of the day

It's been a long way since we've started
I still remember how we upgraded
From friendship to love and
I would never forget the times we had

Is it ending?
Is it still there?
Something is missing
Broken pieces here and there

Puzzled and thinking...
Why is this happening?
Why is it fading away?
Coz we've came a long way

It's broken anyway
It wouldn't be perfect in any ways
But I will keep the most important fragments
Deep down in my heart

It can be glued
It can be sown
It can be blown but doesn't fall
But I find no reason
For the perfection that it used to be

Grief and sadness are transitory
For this vague little story
For all the good times we had
Happiness marked the glory

Here in my heart
There's a picture of us
Blossoms bloom and so does friendship
Beauty fades and so does friendship

That's why my dearest friend
I wish our friendship will keep on burning

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