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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Expedition : Shatki

*Photos at the end of the entry*

Wow it's been a while since my last entry. So I'm gonna blog about many things (if there's any) from now on.

Exams were difficult. But now I'm free, perhaps too free. That's why I blog.

So I'm gonna tell about my expedition to a small city called "Shatki", which is one of cities of Nizhegorodskiy region. It's situated next to Arzamas, another great city with numerous amazing cathedrals.

Sergey invited me to join this expedition. He asked his friend, Galina to allow me to go because he knew that I could take good pictures for an exhibition. He told me that usually people who wanna join must pay 2000 roubles. I, till now, don't get why people would join this kinda activity.

The journey to Shatki was far, I forgot how long it took to get there. But it was ass-painful far. But it's actually called "near" to the russians because, pfff RUSSIA IS SO BIGGG!!! I thought it was far because I was from the little Malaysia.

The expedition was meant for an exhibition about the heritage places around the Nizhegorodskiy region that have been forgotten by the generation X and generation Y.

My expedition was about a Municipal hospital that existed from 1895-1995. It's more like a combination of hospital and rehabilitation centre. The hospital was surrounded by a huge park with abundance of floras, ranging from food to medicine.

But now it's just a piece of wasteland like jungle. It was kinda creepy when we reached there. The weather changed. Gloomy and rainy. You know, like the House on Haunted Hill. There's even a graveyard of the owner of the park!!!! Which really creeped me out~

However the air was fresh after the shower stopped. In the park, there were 5 lakes interconnected by pipes to prevent them from overflowing that might just flood all the sick patients away. But nowadays, the pipes were stuck, I guess. So one lake had a higher water level than the other one which was almost dried up. It's like, you look to your left, you're hydrophobic; look to your right, you're acrophobic.

They even had their own sauna there. But it's closed now.

But it's a great natural park where people could rest their minds.

Below are pictures that I took during the expedition. Some of the pictures will be shown during the exhibition and will be published on the website, which I've forgotten the website (will keep you guys updated anyway).

Really, really old glass



zhi li said...

woah all these r from u? very pro very nice wor~~~

Kochi said...

Ya la....siao siao meh~
I told you guys d, but you guys never believe I take good pictures~~